Gran Turismo 5 Fantasy DLC (RunDLC)

For now, it appears that Gran Turismo 5 may not support downloadable content, but let’s face it. Sony intends to sell millions of copies, and DLC would extend the game’s life over the next couple of years. In addition, and this sounds ridiculous, people will eventually grow tired of the 950 plus cars and demand new ones. Now factor in the popularity of DLC and that almost every PS3 game has it in some respect (peer pressure), and Sony will probably announce a car or track pack months after release.

On that note, we created a list of cars and other vehicles that we’d like to drive.

John Artest (RunDLC)

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PimpHandHappy3009d ago

i love the PIC


i wont read this because this game is so packed i cant see any DLC coming for years...
Speed Racer and Batmobile
just to make this BEYOND stupid

SeanRL3009d ago

They could put vehicles from other ps3 exclusives in.

Tag's kart, Drake's truck, Ratchet's ship (lol that would be unfair)

zootang3009d ago (Edited 3009d ago )

Get real, Kaz likes his simulator to be authentic. Classics yes fiction NO!

skwidd3009d ago

@ zootang the Delorean appeared in GT4 but I guess it's wasn't the movie version. KIT would be epic though!

gtamike3009d ago

DLC for more cars no thanks we have alot of them already when game comes out.

mithril3009d ago (Edited 3009d ago )

Québec city KartVader :)

telekineticmantis3009d ago

so it is authetic it would be great if they can do it

FFXI1013009d ago

then again, this isn't ModNation Racer. I don't think it'll work in GT5.

Cause I'd rather driving BMW, Aston Martin or Maserati.

Quagmire3009d ago

Man Furismo Jive

The fantasy driving simulator!

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PimpHandHappy3009d ago

thats why i didnt read this

Buff10443009d ago

Just wait, this game will have DLC. Don't bet against it. It's coming, 1,000 cars or no.

Hudahudahuda3009d ago

I hope not. I like buying full games. Not games that took years to release and then having to spend more or miss out.

Buff10443009d ago

I mean, does that mean you don't buy any games, because most of them (aside from Nintendo titles) have DLC.

djfullshred3009d ago

There is value added DLC, and there is ripoff DLC. I know where Hudahudahuda is coming from I think - I totally avoid buying new games where I see the online store flooded with DLC around the same time the game is released. We all know that the game makers held out on content instead of going all out to wow us with providing all the material they have ready for the game on the disc at release time. It is a scam, and we know it.

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The story is too old to be commented.