Kinect, Move, Wii, What's In It For Me?

it's no surprise that Sony and Microsoft have finally gotten on to the motion control money train that Nintendo started four years ago but what's taken so long and will these new devices improve the experience for a traditional gamer?

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NecrumSlavery3009d ago

Wii is getting tons of publicity off of the motion wars shananigans. They haven't released anything new in a while but are still in the middle. Good for them.

Cevapi883009d ago

they are actually back in the fold...ever since the release of each console, many have cast the Wii off to the side since it isnt HD and ever since we have had a PS3 vs 360 war, yet the Wii keeps on chugging along kicking ass and seems to be under the radar...just look at all the articles we have gotten about console sales, 9 out of 10 they only deal with how either the PS3 or 360 sold more than the other