Gearbox survey suggests a new game

Badass Panda: A survey put out by Gearbox Software (Borderlands developers) suggests that they will be making a new shooter.

The survey asks you about your favourite games and the features that you would like in a shooting game, then it goes on to ask you about different character classes.

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TheLeprachaun3108d ago

My guess is it's that 'Z-Day' game they trademarked a while back. Hopefully we'll see a glimpse of it at GC this year.

Fred-G-Sanford3107d ago

Borderlands was awesome (and in my opinion reviewed wayyyy too harshly by reviewers) so I'm hoping that they are hard at work on Borderlands 2.

Elwenil3107d ago

I borrowed Borderlands and was surprised to find that it is a pretty solid game. I hope they do make another one with more polish. I would like to see customizable weapons rather than just picking up what you can find and they really need to do some work on the environments as there are way too many places to get a vehicle hopelessly hung up or get your character stuck somewhere you can't get out of. The trophies could use a little work also since somehow I got cheated out of my level 20 trophy. But overall a good game and I would like to see another.

Of course new IPs are always good too. ;D

maawdawg3108d ago

I loved Borderlands and am also a fan of the Brothers in Arms series so I am all over whatever Gearbox does next anyway. They still have an Aliens game in the works, some more in the Borderlands IP, and more Brothers in Arms coming at some point. It would be interesting where else they go in the shooter genre.

Drjft3108d ago

It'll be Borderworlds. They trademarked the domain and game name a while back.

goxbox3603108d ago

Didn't know that. Thanks for info. Bubbles. :)

ebgeer3108d ago

First one was incredible...Could only see improvements coming. I would definitely like to see some addition character classes--but I dont even know what I would choose...

maawdawg3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

It supposedly got pushed back because Sega had the mediocre AvP game to come out first and they didn't want to compete with their own licensed franchise, since they licensed both games to the respective developers. It is still in the works I would think, it was definitely in development when Borderlands released as some of the devs I got to play with were on that project team.

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