Religion, Atheism & Videogames (Nihilistically Ever After)

Critical Gamer writes: This article represents my personal views, which do not necessarily coincide with those of anybody else at Critical Gamer. Readers should also note that this article contains spoilers regarding the ending of God of War III.

If you consider yourself to be a follower of a religion, have you ever thought about how your gaming hobby might clash with the teachings of your prophet/s or god/s? If you’re an atheist, has it ever occurred to you that perhaps turning your back on all such belief systems has allowed you to sidestep a potential moral minefield when playing videogames?

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Jim Crikey3642d ago

Sort of surprising none of the major religions have discussed this before.

scruffy_bear3642d ago

Nearly every game company have shy away from putting any Religions references in there games

Pidgeridoo3642d ago

It's a pity that they do, but religions groups can be very zealot lot

MariaHelFutura3642d ago (Edited 3642d ago )

That`s completely untrue. The theme might not be religious, but the definitely have concepts of all sorts of religious/occultic mindsets. People need to educate themselves on the past, 10 mins doesn`t pass w/o you seeing some sort of religious/occultic symbolism.

MariaHelFutura3642d ago (Edited 3642d ago )

If you don`t know what your seeing it`s very easy to fall into a "daze" while watching anything.

For instance in Movies...The Wizard Of Oz, Labyrinth, Pan`s Labyrinth and Alice in Wonderland are almost the exact same story retold.....for good reason, I might add. Same with a Movie called "the man who would be king" get retold alot in Disney movies aswell.

And OFCOURSE myself Hel, is re-created in many ways. Starwars takes concept of Metropolis w/ the Golden Robot and losing a hand and having in replaced by a robotic hand. Also, Beyonce wants to re-create Hel aswell, but alot of people just see it for a performance.

rrquinta3642d ago

Really interesting article.

Cubes3642d ago

Good article. I think most games companies shy away from using religion in games due to the many fanatics out there, who think that the game is an attack on their religion. I'm just waiting on the backlash from the forthcoming new Medal of Honor game which features the Taliban.