Fantasy-RPGs: These Are The Games We Love

What is your favourite Fantasy-RPG? Is it The Witcher? Is it Dragon Age? Is it maybe Baldur's Gate? Here are the most loved Fantasy-RPGs of all times. Check the link.

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NecrumSlavery3643d ago

Fantasy RPG? Like dungeons, spells, wizards, crystal, kind of fantasy? I'm personally not a fan of that theme.

That's why my fav RPGs off the top of my head are:
Chrono Trigger
kingdom Hearts
Fallout 3

Reibooi3643d ago

Yeah I agree I don't like the whole Swords and sorcery medieval kinda theme. It's just tired and boring. Primarily because of sources outside gaming. You see TV shows and movies and comics and cartoons and whatnot all that have a similar theme and because of that it kinda gets to the point where you just wanna see something new.

Other stuff like Fallout or various JRPG(which either put a cool spin on the Medieval stuff or are just sci fi) seem a bit more interesting.

Mike134nl3643d ago (Edited 3643d ago )

me neither, haven't been that many (j)rpg lately with the same quality.

kraze073643d ago

It says no sci-fi but has FFVII listed. There are so many fantasy-rpgs out there that have so many unique features and amazing stories that it's hard to pick favorites.

amrasmord3643d ago

Dragon Age all the way across the sky. Then it's Chrono Trigger.

csreynolds3643d ago

Loving the way journalists are now using images of censored/uncensored women to boost hits on this site... that statement typed with deliberate sarcasm. I only clicked through to see if the image was at all relevant to the content. Not so.


Christopher3643d ago

Doesn't really look so much like a list of games they love so much as just a list of WRPGs put out by year, but skipping NWN2. Personally, Two Worlds, Fable, and Risen wouldn't be on that list at all. Planescape: Torment is #1.

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The story is too old to be commented.