Kinect Selling Well In The UK

Microsoft's Kinect has has entered the preorder phase and is reportedly selling extremely well in some of the UK's major online retailers.

The Kinect is already topping preorder charts at some of the UK's leading online retailers. Whilst everyone may agree on a price of £129.99, not one retailer seems to agree on a release date, with many of the top online retailers giving different dates for the new Xbox addon.

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Hyrius3635d ago (Edited 3635d ago )

I'm worried about the future of this industry.

GrieverSoul3634d ago

Im more worried about hyping things up!

Lets hope Kinect lives to its expectations. So far, IMO, it hasnt shown anything!

Bigpappy3634d ago

kinect is selling like hot cakes and does not release until November. If this were Sonys product, they would have been hailed the great innovators on N4G. You guy are a bit entertaining, but mostly predictable.

GrieverSoul3634d ago

I honestly dont care about Kinect or Move by the way.
The WII fad didnt get me and if I want to play sports I go outside.

My comment wasnt made with the intention of offending Kinect or fanboys of either side. I just want to play GOOD games independently from the consoles sales numbers or ratings.

Bigpappy3634d ago

I should have made that clear. It was actually for "Hyrius" who is so worried. The think I don't quite get though, is why are people who call themselves "hardcore" or Sony fanboys so hatefull toward Kinect. It does not affect any of you in anyway. If developers can't make casuals for 360 or PS3, they will make them for the others. So resorces will be used on casuals anyway. Whats wrong with casual gamers again? I forgot.

Alos883634d ago (Edited 3634d ago )

I doubt we'll see any dramatic changes to the industry overall. As long as what currently sells is still selling, motion controls will never replace traditional controllers; they'll just be an alternative.

hennessey863634d ago

i dont know why there is a big fuss either i think kinect looks are good prospect as does move and i think they will be greay additions to the industry. In my opinion anything that takes away sales from the wii is good in my opinion because the wii is one of the biggest gimmicks in gaming history its worse than the iphone interms of sheep just lapping up everything assosiated with it i mean look at the wii fit board how much does that cost then tell me how kinect is expensive you can do the same things on kinect with no extra cost

Dread3634d ago

I hope you are right brother.

I am not really worried, but if all the hardcore games start removing features they would normaly have just to make them kenect or move compatible, I am going to be pist!!!

RememberThe3573634d ago (Edited 3634d ago )

People are buying it not really knowing what it is. Plus, there will always be hardcore gamers making hardcore games.

The fact is that this industry is ours, without the core gamers there would be no videogame industry. We are the foundation and the future.

ProjectVulcan3634d ago (Edited 3634d ago )

Dont worry too much. The uk has HALF of 360's entire european install base concentrated on our little islands. So its going to sell much better here than anywhere else outside of north america. The Uk market is not perfectly representative of other countries in europe, its a 360 dominated market whereas on the mainland the opposite is true for the most part

R0me3634d ago

Kinect gets hyped, ps move doesnt, I know its sad, but normal people think its the wii mote. So Kinect gets all the attention.

Besides MS is good at selling stuff, they invest a lot in marketing.

So Kinect will sell a lot in the first few months.

Ps Move wont sell that fast, but it is a reason for consumers to pick PS3 instead of Wii, because whole family gets something: Father can look blu ray, the little daughter can play with PS Move, older boy can play some Uncharted and wife can listen to vidzone while doing the cleaning stuff (lol).

anh_duong3634d ago

to all fanboys

can we just stop bitching and moaning about kinect and move.. life is more than this horseshat - there are much better things in life than fifty billion articles about kinect/move this kinect/move that....

fanboys meet reality.. reality meet fanboys .. i believe you two haven't meet before..

ask yourself: if kinect/move succeeds then does it really matter in the scale of things???? your life is >>>>> move/kinect

Spenok3633d ago

I have been since Wii went meainstream.

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Hacker3635d ago

Well.....(It Only Does Everything).

Pistolero3634d ago

kinect looks like it will a lot of fun for parties and casual also has a lot of potential that will likely be tapped more and more as time goes by.

Cold 20003634d ago (Edited 3634d ago )

Dance Dance Revolution is the sh!t lol.

I'll wait for a serious price drop though.

@omega4 below:"just goes to show the opinion of people on N4G means absolutely nothing" LOL so true. They put so much energy and time on their Anti-360 campaign on N4G you'd think that maybe just maybe sombeody outside of N4G hears them...well nope. They're stuck in their little fantasy world where everything MS sucks and everything Sony is some sort of blessing from above for humanity.

Dread3634d ago (Edited 3634d ago )

I know cold..

its the cult of Sony. It is sad becasue it makes it very hard to have honest conversations about games, when you say that u like forza or Fable or Gears, and then you get twenty little sony extremists just calling the games rubbish and ranting the same old cannard about how Kz2 has the bets graphics and uncharted is the best, and nothing beats GOW3 blah blah blah... Its as if they cannot recognize good games unless they are exclusives to the playstation. And dont dare bring games like Mass Effect 2, or Splinter Cell Conviction into the discussion, in their crazy tin foil hat world those games dont count becasue they are also available on the PC.

Omega43635d ago (Edited 3635d ago )

Its really nothing new, Kinect will be massive it would be surprising if it was flopping.

But considering all the early preorders are just from the hardcore just goes to show the opinion of people on N4G means absolutely nothing. Just imagine how crazy things will get when MS actually starts advertising.

8thnightvolley3634d ago

i am yet to be fully into the whole craze but the things is this ppl that are really gonna buy this are not actually as hardcore gamers that do all that review business and dont exactly knw of the performance of the tech if its up to the perfection we as hardcore gamers expect it to be... but i am certain it will sell not like moms n kids really care of the tech parts anyway... but at the end of this year we will see how thigns pan out.

but knwing MS when they start advertising this shyt damn all the buses, billboard and freaking tv ads will just blind the public

aCHU3634d ago

dude omega you know you aint gunna get it bro dont even lie lol... im not a fan of lag so it seems the less lag ill go for witch obiously means move iz da better choice .. but thats me.

and cmon,preorders dont mean its "selling" well cuz its not even out yet,same for move.. title can be misleading,maybe change it?.. but wutevz.

lelo2play3634d ago (Edited 3634d ago )

I don't agree with the price ... nor i'm interested in Kinect, but i think Kinect will do well in sales, after all the hype and publicity it's getting.

EDIT: @vhero
I think Kinect will sell much more then Move. Hardly anybody is talking about Move (beside die hard PS3 fanboys)... i may be wrong.

vhero3634d ago (Edited 3634d ago )

Well it's up to the public to choose. The main problem Kinect is gonna have it MOVE is out first and that could cause a lot to cancel there pre-orders and go for MOVE instead. Like what happened with 360 when it came out before PS3. Also havn't we had this article before?? De-Ja-Vu much? Also selling is a bad word as it hasn't actually sold any yet. A pre-order isn't sold as you can cancel a pre-order.

Calm Down Sunshine3634d ago

Once again, my countrymen have embarassed me, and brought shame upon Great Britain.

Once David Cameron gets around to cutting benefits, expect the sales to drop off completely.

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