Microsoft store confirms 6ft of space needed to play Kinect

Posting on official Microsoft Kinect site appears to confirm that you do need 6ft of space to play Kinect.

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-MD-4459d ago

Not too bad I suppose. Can't play this in my room as I only have about 4 feet of space between my tv and my bed though.

Conloles4458d ago

I need 1500 Feet because thats how far I'm keeping Kinect away from my Xbox

Chaostar4458d ago

At least your trolling is kinda funny here :P

OT: I have the space just not the energy.

nycredude4458d ago

I think it is 6 feet per person right?

GWAVE4458d ago

6 feet actually means 7-10 feet. If you are moving back and forth you will need the extra room. Also, it's not like you're going to stand right up against your furniture. You'll want that extra room. So, six feet is the absolute minimum.

$150 dollars. Two-player only. A lot less precise than Natal showed. A lot of lag. And nothing but shovelware being tech-demoed.

Yep. Gamers should rush out and get this! "Oh, shut up GWAVE. Kinect isn't being aimed at you." Yeah, I forgot. That's why people were so forgiving and understanding when Wii Fit and Brain Age started to slam the market, right?

Cold 20004458d ago (Edited 4458d ago )

6 feet = 1m82

Thats WAY MORE than ok. And I think thats kind of the advised distance you're supposed to have between yourself and the TV.

nycredude4458d ago (Edited 4458d ago )

Why did I get disagree? How the fuck are you going to fit two idiots in a 6 feet area flailing around and not have them both run into each other and poking each others eyes out?! Seriously... It obvious this is the bare minimum amount of space needed for probably one person.

Conloles Help me out here! WTF!?

36T4458d ago (Edited 4458d ago )

Gwave. Why do you care so much about Kinect? You post in every single article and you're usually one of the first. Why don't you make a crap load of flyers and hand them out in the streets? Gwave is on a mission people!

Conloles. You need 1500 feet to keep Kinect away from your Xbox but you can't stay out of Kinect articles? lmao @ u! PM me that gamertag of yours. I gotta check out all those games you're playing.

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King_of _the_Casuals4458d ago

That's not to bad for most places in the US and Europe. It's just Japan and Big cities like NY where this will be an issue.

Game13a13y4458d ago

wow, every negative rumors about Kinect turned out to be true
-6 ft clearance, checked
-no sitting down to play, checked
-$150 price point, checked
-cannot support 4 players, checked
-need to operate in bright atmosphere, checked
-no hardcore game support, checked

so much fail even before its official release...

Dread4458d ago

It will sell like hot cakes checked
sony move is a copy of the wiimote and no one is interested in the thing checked
you are a troll checked

GodHandDee4458d ago

If you think Sony Move is a copy go check up on the demos and the tech behind it..nothing like the wii..just because two things look the same doesn't make one a copy
And plenty of people are interested in it, including me, cuz it actually gives me games that I like, not ones made for the quick buck or looking like an idiot jumping around, check
Telling others trolls but being a troll yourself is a sad sad notion: check

acky14458d ago

no 'game13a13y' seems right with what he said. and yet so does 'dread', well his first sentence anyway...which is a scary thought for the human race - people will buy anything if it is marketed correctly.

LoydX-mas4458d ago (Edited 4458d ago )

-6ft clearance, check
-no sitting down to play, which games?
-$150 price point, check
-cannot support 4 players, proof?
-need to operate in bright atmoshpere, it has infrared camera so that is incorrect.
-no hardcore game support, so you have inside info on upcoming games and NONE of them will be hardcore? Right.

@acky1^^^ It sure it a good thing we have PS3 fanboys here on N4G to "educate" the stupid humans who don't buy the way they want us to, isn't it?

Game13a13y4458d ago

at least i'm not speaking out of my air hole from behind like you did.

scar-leg4458d ago

It can't support 4 ACTIVE players. It can recognise 6 players at a time but will only track 2 of them. If you want proof here it is:

Go to "Technical Details" at the bottom.

PS360_374458d ago (Edited 4458d ago )


I really like the potential of move with Hardcore games,but the Move is a Wii copy. Maybe not the exact tech, but at the end of the day it does the SAME thing as a WiiMote but with more precision.

I still really like it and will be purchasing it, but I'm not going to call it something it isn't.

4458d ago
Game13a13y4458d ago

what hardcore game that you seem to know about that is in development? Milo? as of this moment, we have heard nothing hardcore about Kinect, only a bunch of wii rip-off games for causals. MS has said it themselves too, they are trying to target the causal audience with Kinect, unlike Move, which we have seen many hardcore game support already. so please, give us facts or don't assume Kinect to be some amazing thing without seeing anything.

absolutecarnage4458d ago

hey show me one game that move has that you can play 4 players at the same time, oh wait you can't!!!!! because think about it each average person arm spand is 6 ft, . So basically to play Move 4 players you would need almost 24 ft of room

Why o why4458d ago (Edited 4458d ago )

i think its time for you to have a break from n4g...check

nothing more ironic than a fanboy calling out a fanboy. 'It will sell like hotcakes'...What a stupid anti gaming comment. Like that somehow makes it enjoyable....pity you couldn't say anything positive about kinect from a gaming perspective ...sad

Anyway ill let the games do all the talking NOT the haters or defenders so time will tell

'It will sell like hot cakes checked'

lmao, good luck with that game patcher.

my first comment shows i feel there's nothing wrong with the space needed so dont label me as some blind hater or some other BS im just saying you're acting like the people you dislike.

Guitardr854458d ago

You mean just like kinect is a copy of the playstation eye??? In case you forgot, the eye did come out on the PS2.

Garnett4458d ago

Dont forget you cant be black either..


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sid4gamerfreak4458d ago (Edited 4458d ago )

6ft of space...

This is gonna flop so bad thats it not even funny..

man i actually feel bad for 360 fanboys now, they have absolutely nothing to defend their beloved console and microsoft anymore

kinect is a joke i hope casuals dont fall in for the hype

i guess the only person wholl play the kinect games with passion will be that girl justin bieber...

EDIT: Oh wait, I just saw omegas u make me laugh so hard...keep trolling

FragMnTagM4458d ago

with the 6ft of space. People who are actually working and paying rent for their own place, or own their own home will not have a problem.

America isn't Hong Kong, houses tend to have space in the living rooms here.

Independent_Charles4458d ago

i would of been able to play this if i didnt have a bed lol. but knowing my perants they will get this for my younger braithers and sisters at xmas. thats the 4 gb bundle. i can see that selling a lot.

Independent_Charles4458d ago

no dought i got the disagree cause i said i see xbox selling well over xmas.

J-Smith4458d ago

yeah it will be six-feet under next year to LoL

Bzone244458d ago

Maybe the next time you use the line it will be funny. Don't give up on your dreams of that line being funny.

tinybigman4458d ago

Reconfirms me not buying this piece of crap camera, and the shovelware games that go with it.

P1NKY4458d ago (Edited 4458d ago )

I think Kinect will only work in people front rooms, but then most people have sofa's with coffee tables in the middle of the room so you would still have to move stuff around. I think MS should try and improve the cameras view angle to shorten the distance required.


That's not what I meant. Obviously you don't want to rule anyone out, that's why I said they should try and improve the view angle of the camera so that you don't have to stand as far back but it will still pick up most people.

Anyway it was just an idea. Considering the optimal distance you have to be from the camera is roughly the length of a bed. (With some room to move forward and backwards)

Kinect will probably be fine in America but in most other countries space can be a problem unless you re-arrange your largest room. Sometimes that's not enough.

FragMnTagM4458d ago

So you expect a camera to be able to track a 6-7ft tall person from the less than six feet away? Makes perfect sense. Why would MS want to rule anyone out from playing it?

Moentjers4457d ago

maybe you can sell your bed for 150$.

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Omega44459d ago (Edited 4459d ago )

I really don't see how this will be a problem. 1.8m is nothing, you would need that kinda space for any motion controller. In fact depending on the size of your TV you should be that far away from it anyway.

Well I doubt those people could afford Kinect anyway, or they at least would want to spend their money on more important things.

Hellsvacancy4459d ago

Guess all the poor mofos whos livin in Caravans or Trailer Parks r screwed then

Stryfeno24458d ago

If you live in a Caravan or a trailer park, your first priority shouldn't be kinect or gaming for that matter.

siyrobbo4458d ago Show
Independent_Charles4458d ago

"If you live in a Caravan or a trailer park, your first priority shouldn't be kinect or gaming for that matter." what about the people that have been brought up living in a caravan like the generations before them. you cant just say that because thats peoples heratige right there. not in all cases, some live in one cause there lazy g1ts that dont have a job, but what im on about is the traverling people like myself.

TheTeam064458d ago

Of course you don't see this as a problem.

Dread4458d ago

of course you see this as a problem.

4458d ago
TheTeam064458d ago

I never said this was a problem......?

DigitalAnalog4458d ago

Ummm... many homes here in Hong Kong are only 2 - 3 feet away from the TV. and they play the Wii JUST FINE.

-End statement

mopground4458d ago

like GWAVE said above in reality your gonna need about 10 feet without any objects like furniture and about 3 feet on either side just for 1 person to play

GodHandDee4458d ago

You don't know much about cities like is a BIG deal

Anon19744458d ago

I just don't have this kind of room in my den. I could move my 360 up to my living room and move the furniture every time I want to play, but that just ain't gonna happen.

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callahan094459d ago

The "tight clothes" thing doesn't bother me much, I would probably wear shorts and a t-shirt anyway, but I simply don't have 6 feet free, so I don't know how I would even get to try this out. I'm certainly not going to buy one and hope that it's fun and playable with less than the required space.


1 player only, but the space of 2 players, I'll pass.

N4GayFanturds4459d ago

for best viewing of sets 50" or greater, you need to sit back at least 6 ft.

Now watch the Sony fanboogers try to spin this...

Why o why4459d ago

say if you have a 32"...just saying

Anyway 6 ft is nothing. Its never good to be too close to any tv.

FragMnTagM4458d ago (Edited 4458d ago )

You are right. I have a 65 inch TV and if I get within six feet of it, the picture doesn't look nearly as good as sitting 8-10 ft. from it.

Poseidon4459d ago

do a karate kick and see what happes to your room...

needless to say im not so enthusiastic obout kinect as the "25%" that play on buying it.

divideby04458d ago (Edited 4458d ago )

I have said this from day one.. I dont know anyone who has a big distance between their sofa and TV.
There is something called a Coffee table which 90% of the homes I visit have them..
So go ahead and move your coffee table to play
Sure if your house is designed like a railroad car.

At least we can play our Wii sitting down and I will buy Kin, when there is something remotely interesting to play or at least use to move menus

Dorwrath4458d ago (Edited 4458d ago )

I have a coffee table between my TV and sofa.

6 foot is further back than my coffee table, and I have a pretty damn big coffee table, so coffee table wouldn't have to move. Even if it wasn't, I can slide it forward. Novel idea I know. Means getting off your lazy butt I know.

Then how about this, when finished playing Kinect. Shock horror, it can just slide back.

I know this is a foreign concept, to some, but thirty seconds of work ain't gonna harm you.

Not that I'm buying Kinect or Move. Just saying.

JokesOnYou4458d ago (Edited 4458d ago )

lol are you serious 6ft is not much, I don't know any adult gamers that sit close up to their tv even while gaming with a standard controller in their living room, hell my aunt and older relatives love wii sports, among other active games, they have no problem sliding the coffee table too the far wall.....have u actually ever seen folks play games like wii bowling?...doesn't sound like u have a real grasp of how these games are played 6ft is about 2-3 arms distance away from the tv for most avg size people.....most folks watch tv 6-8ft away.

edit, ahh so now you're on about micro ripping off consumers, lol as if nobody else has ever sold overpriced accessories....just finish your trolling by telling us how much u hate micro and *move along to a ps3 thread

divideby04458d ago

^ dude try playing on a 57" TV like we have at 2 arms length away..
yea you are right if you have a 32" TV.
Opt viewing distance for a 57" TV is 9'

as I said I will buy one for my 360 when I see a killer app or at least a game that interests me..until than we have the Wii and I will see how Motion is working with REAL games.. not kick the

Terarmzar4458d ago

I have a very large living room, but i still don't want Kinect.

Wh15ky4458d ago

I sit between 6' and 9' away from my TV depending on what sofa I am viewing from.
However, as far as I'm aware you have to stand to play Kinect, so why did you bring up sitting.
I would have to push both my sofas to the back of my living room and move my coffee table every time before switching on Kinect - think I'll pass.

shikwan4458d ago

Your choice! I have a 50" with a recling sofa & a large coffee table in front of it. My sofa is about 7 ft back from the tv.

Sitting is not the key here as opposed to standing - Kinect can be used while sitting or standing.

Do you think you're gonna have to stand to use it to watch movies?

IMO Kinect is a party device as well as for my kids. When I'm ready to play games with it, with my kids, or use it while hosting a party, I'll move the coffee table out of the way. Simple. I don't have pics of your setup but I can't see why you'd have to move the sofa, as well as the coffee table??

But I'm sure any1'd do the same with Wii or Move because the point of the Wii, Move & Kinect is to get you OFF the sofa.

Wh15ky4458d ago (Edited 4458d ago )

"Sitting is not the key here as opposed to standing - Kinect can be used while sitting or standing."

Most of the games I have seen so far for kinect require you to stand.
Quote from article: "You'll need any Xbox 360 console, a Kinect sensor, Kinect games and 6 feet between you and your television for play space" Is the 6 feet space between you and your TV required so the camera can view your whole body when standing or just to give you room to move? If it's required for the camera to see you then you're going to need more than 6 feet altogether.

"Do you think you're gonna have to stand to use it to watch movies?"

I can't imagine you'd need 6 feet free space on front of you to use it to watch movies either, but then nobody here is discussing kinects movie watching features, so I don't see the point in mentioning that.

"I don't have pics of your setup but I can't see why you'd have to move the sofa, as well as the coffee table??"

So does that mean I'm lying because you can't imagine it? One of my sofas sits about 6-7 feet away from my TV which is wall mounted. If I push my sofa any further back it blocks the doorway into my living room, therefore to gain the space required to play kinect I would have to move my sofa further back so it is clear of the door.

On a friendlier note, I see we have the same birthday.

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Hacker4459d ago

6ft is reasonable amount of space not too much and not to less. It seems as if Microsoft had the gamers and buyers interest in mind.

divideby04458d ago

MS NEVER has interests of games and buyer in mind.
Please look at their history of the most over priced rip off accessories

BeaArthur4458d ago

Every gaming company has ripoff accessories. The Wii has just about every peripheral you could think of and now Sony is also going to have those same peripherals. MS is no different than Nintendo and Sony. All of them try to steal your money where they can.