These Could Be Your Next Yakuza Hostesses

Andriasang: Sega is currently holding auditions for girls who will appear as hostesses in the next PS3 entry in the Yakuza series. The selection process reached the second phase today as Sega opened general voting for 16 finalists who passed an initial audition phase.

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Quagmire3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

Damn asian chicks are CUTE!

And I would know, i've hit this:


dizzleK3644d ago

just when i thought my yellow fever was cured, they keep pulling me back in! they're all hot, except the bottom one who looks weird.

Rewritable3644d ago

This is for Ryu ga gotuka 5 right ? ( Yakuza 5 ) Cause i am sure the 4th is done cause i have it. (imported from japan) And Asia chicks are ALWAYS HOT ! ^^