Microsoft Reveals Aussie Kinect Launch Info

Microsoft has today revealed Australian Kinect information, including pricing and a bundle with a 4GB Xbox 360 "S" console.

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SeanRL3636d ago

Cool, does anyone know what the 15 launch titles will be? Or have they not all been announced yet?

harrypmgaga3636d ago

Well there does seem to be a Sonic Kinect launch title coming out. That's one plus I guess.

Rush3635d ago (Edited 3635d ago )

Am liking the community response here, since everyone on N4G always supports the least popular brand.

It's a good sign Kinect is going to be a resounding success.

To the disagrees am going to get how many Wii fans are on here again?

Jay5203635d ago

4 workout games, 3 sports games, 3 party/kids games, 3 casual games, and 2 dance games.

DelbertGrady3635d ago

Adrenalin Misfits and the Sports games from MS, Ubi and Hudson might bring something interesting. Other than that the games look pretty crap. I do hope we get more game announcements before it launches.

harrypmgaga3636d ago

I think all of them were announced in some way or form at E3 (remember that list of boxarts at the press conference?) but only a few were shown off in playable form.

Forbidden_Darkness3636d ago

Where's my Kinect Ballerina game!?

harrypmgaga3636d ago

Sorry, delayed till Christmas 2011. :(

Neo Nugget3636d ago

It got pushed back to get bundled with Barbie Horse Adventure: Kinekt with Nature.

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Ivan Drago IV3636d ago

Why the hell does Kinect get so many articles on here? seriously, Move doesnt have a fraction of the amount of articles as Kinect.. why is that?

harrypmgaga3636d ago

Probably because most of the Move stuff is covered, whereas Microsoft is pushing more info out every now and again, such as today's Australian information announcement.

T9X693635d ago

lol sorry but no. Kinect has 66980° on this site sitting at number 1, Move has 23840° sitting at number 2. Kinect has almost 3 times the amount of degrees as Move, do you think that is because its more popular, or this new information everyday? No, its because the people on this site like to bash it, not because its popular or there's new information on it. Search Kinect on this site, and just look how many flamebait titles there are and that they are actually approved.

Kinect is at the bottom of the list for being interesting, and at the top of this list for things to bash. That is the truth.

Rtard THE HD VERSION3635d ago

Kinda like the ps3 3 years ago on n4f ????

3635d ago
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