Does "Metal Gear Solid: Rising" Add Insult To Old Injuries?

Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty was mast anticipated game of 2001. Upon its release, gamers rejoiced until they realized they had fallen victim to a bait and switch scam. 10 years later is giving Raiden his own game, again, an insult to fans.

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GWAVE3646d ago

Someone hasn't played MGS4. Raiden was a pivotal character in that game and many gamers changed their minds about him.

Blaze9293646d ago

can't believe I agree with you finally.

Bereaver3646d ago (Edited 3646d ago )

Ever since MGS4, I was hooked on Raiden. It all dates back to anime and the game Samurai Shodown. Anyone who can cut through things like butter is great in my books. And on top of that, he has the mobility of a ninja.

I as far as MGS2 just being this piece to confuse the buyers (Kojimas choice). But no, I think those days are over.

PoSTedUP3646d ago

"anyone who can cut through things like butter is great in my books."

anyone who risks his life to save Snake is great in my books!

Noctis Aftermath3646d ago

He is such a gloomy character though, he is a badass when it comes to fights but when it comes to non-action sequences he's boring as hell.

DaTruth3646d ago

Lol! They agree with him, but they disagree with you agreeing with him!

GrieverSoul3646d ago

Sometimes I feel that I am the only person who actually liked MGS2!

I have a friend that that said he didnt like the Raiden and it was disappointing not playing with Snake in MGS2. WTF?!?! You can play with Snake in the Oil tank section! You just have to answer the questions right the first time you boot the game. Its not the games fault you didnt played MGS1!

I liked MGS2! I liked Raiden and the way the story revolved around him in order to make him a high caliber soldier like Solid Snake. I know he looks a bit gay and all but it didnt matter to me. I liked the game´s story and characters. Its a japanese game with typical over reacted japanese emotions while crying or laughing but its a really well done game overall! IMO, it might be the worst game in the Playstation series but its still one of the best story driven games I´ve played.

Belasco3646d ago

they disagreed that you agreed?

rockleex3646d ago (Edited 3646d ago )

I would have loved to play as Snake, but Raiden had the same abilities Snake had at the time and more.

People say they hated how he was so emo, always complaining or whatever reasons.

But that's because he's a vulnerable character. He's no super genetic soldier like Solid Snake. He was being misled all the time by everyone.

By the end of the game, you could tell he was about to breakdown from all the strings that were being pulled on him.

Even we were as confused as him, or more, by the end of the game.

I'm pretty sure most people didn't like the game just because of the bait and switch. But if you can look past that, the game is awesome in its own right.

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ZombieAutopsy3646d ago

Agreed MGS4 is what changed my mind about Raiden, even though I enjoyed MGS2 i did feel like i was some how cheated that Snake wasn't the main character.

Man In Black3646d ago

I thought Raiden was all style, no substance in that game. He was a lot more interesting in MGS2.

PlainOldGamer3646d ago

Alas I hated playing as MGS2 it was such a tease not to be able to play as Snake. But as soon as I played MGS4 and saw awesome Mecha Raiden Holy Crap! I was like ya now he's a bada$$ and I would have loved to play as him. Can't wait for Rising since you can finally play as him in his awesome Mecha suit and the slicing gameplay looks like a blast!

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Natsu X FairyTail3646d ago

Nah. The game is a spinoff and Most people are aware. If you're a die hard fan and dont like Raiden I guess you'll have to stick to MGS:Peace Walker on PSP ( which is a sequel to MGS4) I already have the game in japanese but I dont understand squat So I'll have to get me a English copy of the game soon enough. as for Rising I cant wait to play the game. There's nothing to hate about the Trailer I've seen from E3.

Nitrowolf23646d ago

peace walker isn't a sequel to 4, its more of a sequel to MGS3 but a prequel before the Solid Snakes comes in
I will get MGR, just because i was not one of those people that hated Raiden, i am just dissapointed that it isn't relating the MGS games , or you won't need prior knowledge of them to understand the story. It seems like they are starting over with the story then.

George Sears3646d ago

Peace Walker is a sequel to Portable Ops. (Yes it is canon, yes it is just as awesome)

SeanRL3646d ago

Peace walker takes place BEFORE MGS4.

George Sears3646d ago

As long as he stops with the emo crap he will do good on Rising.

Never will be a Gray Fox, but he would do fine.

Eamon3646d ago

LOL, didn't Gray Fox take pleasure in Snake hurting him.

That's a bit emo.

Or maybe not.

George Sears3646d ago

True but they explaiened why he was how he was in MGS4. Kojima shouldn't had mess with MGS1 IMO but oh well.

yewles13646d ago

Can't stand Raiden. If I wanna' see someone cry, I'll do it in a mirror.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI3646d ago

Geez, am I one of the few people who actually liked Raiden from MGS2? I mean these whiny-emo comments are a bit overkill. He wasn't that bad.

ZombieAutopsy3646d ago

Internet=Bitching, I bet most of the people complaining about this game wouldn't say shit if they got a chance to talk to "The Voice of God" himself.

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