Try Not To Care About Echochrome II After Watching This

Kotaku: We love games that involve shadows. But no one on team Kotaku was buzzing about Echochrome ii. Then I saw it yesterday running on a PS3, controlled by the wand-like Move controller. And now I can't shut up about it.

Bigpappy4821d ago

I admire the creative side of it, but I don't fell it will entertain me for long.

GWAVE4820d ago

But these are the core/hardcore Move games people want. Where's Kinect's answer? Shadow Puppets Extreeeeeme from Konami as a timed exclusive?

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sikbeta4820d ago (Edited 4820d ago )

Echochrome II will be so much better than the first one, the shadow implementation put it to another level, simply great


that's why you're here, right dude?

-Alpha4820d ago (Edited 4820d ago )


Edit: HOLY HELL, OMG THE SHADOWS! I'll explain why this is a big deal below.

For anyone that hasn't played Echochrome:
It's a simple concept, but the execution is amazing. If I'm not mistaken it's one of those games that taxes the PS3 hardware. You don't expect it to have so much horsepower, and you don't realize it, but trust me, the concept makes you appreciate the game.

I find it to be THE most underrated game on the PSN store. I find it lacks popularity simply because it doesn't hold interest for the average gamer long. It's like a game of chess-- takes time, practice, but is very rich and rewarding. As opposed to playing Twister with your friends.

I adore it. Simple concept, but very deep and complicated, an awesome puzzle game that uniquely uses perspective to work. It's one of the few games where I feel like my brain isn't rotting. Makes me feel smart.

I am not just saying this, I have wanted to express my love for this game for a long time now.

Also, I am very proud to see how Move is being utilized here. It's hard to explain, but the game is complicated for the PS3. It's a game that plays minds on your tricks, it's an illusion game and it's one of those games where it feels as if your PS3 is doing all this multitasking to keep up with the concept. With shadows, it makes the game even more complicated both for the mind to process and I assume for the PS3. You play in real-time, and move the camera in ways that change the perspective of the level. It's so hard to explain

AH, wish I could explain this better to those missing out.

Btw, this game has user-created levels, and Youtube support. Trust me, it's good bang for your buck if you are willing to invest your brain into it.

morganfell4820d ago

No he is here because the regret of backing the other console eats at him like a cancer. In reality he is angry at himself.

skip2mylou4820d ago

conloles you dont even own any consoles why the hell should we care about what you think

SeanRL4820d ago

Looks cool, I hope they can pull it off and make an amazing game. I'll admit, echochrome outsmarted me many times but I love it's simplicity.

darkmurder4820d ago (Edited 4820d ago )

Lol He doesnt own a console hey? I vaguely remember when he uploaded these as proof.


HolyOrangeCows4820d ago

EchoChrome 2 looks awesome. VERY cool use of the Move.

Hoje03084820d ago

Why isn't anyone making sure you stay under your bridge?

RageAgainstTheMShine4820d ago

This will stimulate brain cell growth.
Cool educational game for my boys at home.
Do your kids a favor and play this awesome game with them.
This should be lots of fun!

commodore644820d ago

and i don't care for it. Now what?

ChickeyCantor4820d ago

How is this a core game?
Its casual as hell. Just because you have to think doesnt mean its hardcore.

Do people even know wtf they are talking about these days?
(and wtf does kinect have to do with his comment?)

Either way I like the concept, but have to go with Bigpappy, im not sure how long iwt will entertain me.

UnwanteDreamz4820d ago (Edited 4820d ago )

FYI No one has been able to agree on what a hardcore gamer is. The term is thrown around but has no agreed apon criteria. Now how can you claim to know what a core game is when people can't agree on what a hardcore gamer is?

Just asking.

ExplosionSauce4820d ago

If I can play this with the DS3, I'm down.
First one was interesting, but Echoshift on PSP was more fun.

gaffyh4820d ago

I still haven't completed echochrome 1 it is really long, there are loads of levels.

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SaberEdge4820d ago

I had a lot of fun with the first Echochrome so this should be great.

TheObserver4820d ago

Bigpappy, I remember you defending Kinect's Bowling game against my suggestion of cheaper start up cost if you play real Bowling.


Gee, I wonder if Kinect will entertain you enough to warrant your vigilant defense and willingness to fork out high start up costs. LMAO.

Bigpappy4820d ago

I just said the game is interesting, just not my type of entertainment. Do you see that as bashing the game? I don't see myself playing Kinectimals either. Unlike you, you will not find me posting fanboy junk against the Move. I happen to see Move as a very plausable alternative to a standard controller. It sould work fine for most hardcore game. In fact my only beef with Move is that it has too many variations (sometimes 1, sometimes 2, sometimes a sub,...) for one game to the next, which could affect the cost. But you can not show that I am running around the site attacking the Move, because I simply do not engage in such childish fanboy wars. What ever I said about loving the Kinect ideas, is how I truly feel. I wish it were cheaper, but I accepted the price and pre-ordered. I am obviously not swayed by what is posted here by fanboys. I know I am hated for my choices, but that is your problem, not mine.

Information Minister4820d ago (Edited 4820d ago )

This has everything to do with Kinect, because "I admire the creative side of it, but I don't feel it will entertain me for long" is a phrase that defines the entire Kinect experience.

But clearly you made your choice, you admit so yourself. Claiming that "Unlike you, you will not find me posting fanboy junk against the Move" is not only hypocrisy but also a direct contradiction to your actions on this story. If you love Kinect and don't care for Move, then you should stay away or at least avoid commenting on articles like this one.

EDIT - Let me clarify that I'm in no way defending Sony's Move. I still hate the damn thing, along with Kinect and the shift in developer focus/publisher investment that these devices represent.

BloodyNapkin4820d ago

149.00 dollars with a game is a high start up cost, which you can have 2 people play at the same time. So how much does move cost for 2 people to play with a game? I am not defending kinect in anyway, but your comment is very flawed and obscured.

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RyuCloudStrife4820d ago

WHAOOO! I made a snake, LOL, its almost a snake, i got credit for makin a snake LOL

this game will not make me buy a PS Move, and i do not care for Echochrome after watching this vid thanks

Mike134nl4820d ago

With or without the move it's an interesting game, use of move is a nice bonus.

RyuCloudStrife4820d ago

im sorry HowarthsNJ this game just seems plain stupid

Shani4820d ago

hey, thanks for the link.
Great to see other great video about echochrome 2.
I am ready to put my brain into it. Can't wait to get this game.

kevnb4820d ago

thats not really a good way to show it off.

mastiffchild4820d ago

I find it amazing that people will use their own taste as a reason to troll these days! It takes not having a life to a whole new low level.

I'm not particularly interested in Echochrome2 myself but had a look to see why Kotaku(of all the Sony hating editorial staff n the world-though at least we know where the rift came from there even if it was a feeble journalistic choice to make it was, at least, honest of Crecente)were impressed and I'd be a liar if I couldn't see why they were.

Does it mean I'll be more into the game? No, but it's very cool and clever use of the tech at hand and further proof that Sonyside devs are really trying to push what can be done with these things. I'm more impressed by Sorcery and feel there's a ton of growth possible in similar areas as with both the Chameleon tech demo and the throwing sword and mannequin stuff. Why people want to bash it in threads they purport to have ZERO interest in s one of the mysteries on N4G but it's the usual suspects again and you have to wonder just what made them so bitter.

As for conloles-he doesn't even seem to realise that his attitude is exactly what makes a lot of console only gamers turn away from the PC. It's actually pretty sad. It's the same elitist crap that I have to berate one of my own PC gaming chums about all the time and the same kind of thing that meant console gamers laughed when the dedicated servers were ripped away from PC MW2 last year rather than standing with them and demanding them for us all. I guess I'd understand a bit more if they actually upset people but all it really does it make people think they don't want to mix with them and that just weakens our whole community.