Happy Birthday to Waluigi from Nintendo on Paul Gale Network.

"Waluigi, who is Wario’s brother and evil counterpart to Luigi, made his first appearance today, back in 2000."

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SupaGamer3637d ago

one of the worst.characters.ever.

Nitrowolf23637d ago

yeah i agree
but hey if Mario has an evil twin why not luigi?

retrovertigo3637d ago

Wario makes sense... inverted first letter of "Mario", but "Waluigi?" Shouldn't his have an inverted "L" and it be unpronouncable? Not only is his the worst character, but he's also the worst-named character. EVER.

John007guy3637d ago

How would his name be pronounced if it started with a upside down L?

turok3636d ago

... seriously needs to get his own game :\.