New Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 Videos

Three brand new Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 gameplay videos have been released – Naruto vs Sasuke, Jiraiya vs Orochimaru, and Asuma vs Kakuzu. Itachi, Deidara, Kakashi, Yamato, Itachi, Tsunade, Sasori, Hidan, Shikamaru, and Choji also make appearances in the videos as support characters.

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theonlylolking3925d ago

Looks good just I hope they dont mess up online.

PlainOldGamer3925d ago

Dang this game is looking better and better. I especially loved how Orochimaru as he jumps and moves he's like a snake! Very cool!

rockleex3924d ago

But this will do... for now.

El-Fenemeno12133925d ago

Loving the game. Asuma went crazy lol. faster ougis, less health, better usage of assists. This is a true sequel in my book

Myst3925d ago

Was really debating about skipping this game for later due to some personal reasons. Hmm, not I don't feel like it anymore lol.

syrion3925d ago

i hope all char playable !

El-Fenemeno12133925d ago

likewise, I'm surprised no one bother asking them if there will be support-only characters again.

Narutodemonx3925d ago

they said in an interview. that all characters will be fully playable there will be no "support only". Plus killer bee, minato and tobi/madara is fully playable which was confirmed in an interview with the voice actors of hinata and tsunade.

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The story is too old to be commented.