GTR Video on Marketplace

A nice video of this driving game is now available on Marketplace.

It's just over 62 MB for the 720p version. Enjoy watching!

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DC RID3R5052d ago

gonna check this out now bro!!!!

is it me, or is the marketplace THE place to be right now?!?!?!

MS is RUNNIN TINGS right about nbow peeps!!!!

DC RID3R5052d ago

GTR looks SIK!!!!!!!

from the the short in-game footage, 360 version looks better than the pc!!!!

ALSO, madden 07 is gonna be MAJOR on 360!!!

1 new trailer up on marketplace!!!!

TheMART5052d ago

MS has heard the comments of fans that wanted more regurlary downloads on MP. We ask, they give.

Expect a demo of Dead Rising also as far as my information goes, today even! If not I expect it this week for sure. I think they will speed up things in general and give something on regurlary basis.

Sony will get a hard time running it's online service and doing what MS did and is going to do the coming days, weeks, months!

General5052d ago

Looks pretty nice, I want to see some nice Ingame footage though.

shotty5052d ago

This is running ingame but no HUD. Like a replay of an actual game.

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