Sly Collection - New Screenshots surfaced

There are new screenshots of the Sly Collection surfaced, showing the PS2 classics in its new high-definition glory...

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sikbeta3637d ago

Awesome series indeed, I can't wait to play all the games again, a Huge value for $40

badz1493637d ago

but that's a long time ago! this will be just like the new game for me as I don't even remember the plot of the 1st one. bring it on!

DUERER19423637d ago

I'm a big fan of Sly and the gang. So it's a must buy for me :)

Jeff2573637d ago

It is looking really good. Will definitely be a day one buy for me.

ranmafandude3637d ago

never really played sly cooper during the ps2's prime years. this collection is gonna look good in my ps3 collection lol. hey it might be rare someday.

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The story is too old to be commented.