Gamer-Non Gamer Dilemma: “Why the hate?!”

In life, a gamer is surrounded by three types of people: the hardcore (gaming friends), the casuals, and the haters. An avid gamer will usually try to steer clear of the game-haters to avoid the annoyances they bring, but fate can be cruel and funny.

One moment you’re coming up with ideas on how to get to PAX on a $50 budget, and the next you’re staring at the beautiful young thing sitting at the table in front of you. Although she notices your grim stalker stare, she isn’t repulsed by you and somehow you two begin dating. As happy as you are, however, you soon find out she’s not exactly thrilled about your favorite hobby. She can deal with your constant masturbation and massive porn collection, but there’s just something about video games she can’t stand...

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