Medal of Honor: Here’s What You Want to Know

PS Blog: We’re fresh off a visit to EA’s Redwood Shores campus, where the teams behind Medal of Honor, Dead Space 2, and Shank showed us the latest post-E3 builds of their games, and then took time to answer the questions you posed to us earlier in the week. First up: Medal of Honor.

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dizzleK3647d ago

ok so it's exactly like every other shooter i've ever played. thanks for saving me $60.

i'm certainly beginning to understand what people always meant by "generic fps".

tdogchristy903647d ago

I see peoples argument about the "generic shooter" but that's exactly the reason why I've always bought my games and even FPS strictly for there immersive singleplayer. The fact that medal of honor is based on reality and not some tom clancy novel is a definatly plus. Because when it gets down to it the multiplayer is all the same, not to mention I have a life and don't have the time to get stomped on by those that don't.