The 13 Most Annoying Characters From Final Fantasy Games

Dorkly's tribute to the characters that made you want to jump off a Mako Reactor.

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HeroXIV3638d ago

Haha completely agree with the "everyone" - Final Fantasy XIII. XD

PS3Freak3638d ago

I only found Vanille annoying. I mean REALLY annoying. Everyone else is fine.

roccohateskittens3638d ago

I'm gonna side with HeroXIV. I found myself being annoyed by Vanille, Hope, and Snow the most, but they all had annoying qualities and few redeeming ones.


Everything she did sounded like she was getting raped.

rockleex3637d ago

Redeeming qualities. >_<

It was a game about b*tching and moaning.

The actual story only took place within a few days. And they only went through two or three actual events.

But Square Enix decided to drag that out into a 60 hour game!

I don't want to spend 60 hours of my life completing a game with a plot that should only last 10 hours at maximum.

Especially since it wasn't even a pleasant ride at any point of the journey.

FACTUAL evidence3638d ago

Zell was the man, someone needs to take him down, I personally think zell made FF8 for me.

Hellsvacancy3638d ago (Edited 3638d ago )

Hated Final Fantasy XIII

Eamon3638d ago

Before I read this article I am going to predict most of the 13 characters are from Final Fantasy XIII...


Capt-FuzzyPants3638d ago

Yes great list the ff13 characters were all whiny. im just wandering where Selphie was.

thelifatree3638d ago (Edited 3638d ago )

Particularly Yuffie, Tidus, Bartz, Squall (though too moody still liked him) and some of 13 (The ones not Snow, and Hope) TBH I'll get flamed but I thought Tidus Was the second best male character in the series. Better than Cecil or Kain, and Balthier (some of my other favorites).

I agree with Vaan, and Cait though

DA_SHREDDER3638d ago

He might be better than Cecil and Kain, but both those dudes are bad ass especially for their time.

thelifatree3638d ago

because he clearly wasn't. Ijust liked him more. There's for sure an argument for liking those characters more. just my taste differs

Reibooi3638d ago

The only annoying FF character in my opinion is Vaan. He is a totally pointless character. He has pretty much no reason to exists in the Final Fantasy XII story line. The main character of that game SHOULD have be Ashe. As the game pretty much revolves around her.

It's kinda stupid how people considering being sad or depressed as being a annoying character(Squall and Tidus had DAMN good reasons to be a bit emo)

Non_sequitur3638d ago

Why hate n Tidus? His world was destroyed, his girlfriend was suppose to be sacrificed, and at the end he turns out to not really exist.

Capt-FuzzyPants3638d ago

My only problem at all was his voice got really annoying sometimes.
I liked the character just not the voice actor.

Non_sequitur3638d ago

I'll have to agree with the voice actor part, but his character does not annoy me. Hope is the only character from the series to really annoy me.

flyingmunky3638d ago

The same voice actor is used in the Ratchet and Clank series (Ratchet). I thought he did a good job, certainly better than the rest of voice acting done around that time.

ZombieAutopsy3638d ago

Agreed at least Tidus wasn't all bitchy and whinny like most FF characters seem to be.

UP3638d ago

I agree. when he did bitch it was justified for the most part

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