Joystiq Preview: Dead Space 2

Joystiq writes: "As a huge fan of the first Dead Space, a true survival horror gem, I've been concerned about the sequel. From the few videos released so far -- Isaac jumping through a runaway space train, or getting shot at by a space helicopter, or being launched into zero gravity to fight a grotesque monster -- Dead Space 2 looks cool and visceral, but very much like an action shooter. Where are all the scares?"

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retrovertigo3647d ago

I kinda think they should have left Dead Space without a sequel. But with the way the economy is, and the cost of game production, creating a hot IP and then nurturing it (or milking it for all its worth) makes sense. I hope the sequel is well done. I hate when sequels are made just to make more money.

uisce3647d ago

and much better than the Kotaku preview article.