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NYC_Gamer3634d ago

why kill off online anyway?alot of owners like the feature

KingME3634d ago

I agree, why would they pull the plug on online support. That could be why some people bought it.

Vojkan3634d ago

nah its free lik air....seriously why some people ask these type of questions? On other side it feels a bit too soon

RedDead3634d ago (Edited 3634d ago )

They should keep it up until they make another game atleast. Bungie only took down H2 a few months ago. Cod 4 is still up. Demons souls hasn't been out nearly long enough to cut off.(especially since that's one of it's selling points/best things about it)

oohWii3634d ago (Edited 3634d ago )

Seriously? I think that a perfectly valid question. Don't be a douche.

@briefcase joe, it also cost sony money for you to play online on PSN, based on your logic it'll be gone by the wayside soon also. Right?

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gtamike3634d ago

Looks like there doing a "EA games" to us

SeanRL3634d ago

Just make demons souls 2!

pixelsword3634d ago

True, but that ain't gonna stop people from playing the first one; you have 10 different classes which means 10 different ways of playing it; and since it's long as a mugha-fugga, people are more apt to play it again and again.

rdgneoz33634d ago

The 10 starting classes are just starting classes and equipment. You can make any of them into anything as you go. So you can play it as many ways as you can think of.

poeo3634d ago

pixelsword: Demon's Souls long?

you can beat the whole game in a few hours, very short for an RPG. that is of course IF you know what you're doing. i beat the game 20 times and some playthroughs were like 5-7 hours, and i wasn't even rushing.

it has five worlds, each has only 2-3 levels plus a boss "level". and all of those levels can be beaten in 10-15 minutes, some much faster.

it's still the best game ever though :) i've put over a 1000 hours into it because the multiplayer is so incredible.

Weaksauce11383634d ago

The terms of agreement when you went online said that Atlus was only going to keep the servers up for 6 months. Of coure it sold waaay better than anticipated. Of course this only applies to the US copies of the game. Any die hard can import an asian copy thta is in English and will continue to have online under the Sony banner. Atlus only runs the EU and US copies.

kratos1233634d ago

wrong my friend bandai does the eu version and that 1 will probably go to 2012 hopefully even longer
man im happy i got the eu version this trully is a great package

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ClownBelt3634d ago (Edited 3634d ago )

I usually use Gamefaqs message board as a way on how to measure the activity of the community of a game. Funny enough, Demon's Souls is still in top 10 of Gamefaqs message board after all this time.

Kinda sad though that it will only be supported until next year.

I think that it's way to early for Atlus to announce this. I mean, let's be honest here, it hasn't even been three years. Come on.

DA_SHREDDER3634d ago

I would be playing it every day if it had voice chat. Thats why I haven't bothered with it much cause I wanna play this game with a friend, and I was gonna wait for cross game chat. I cant believe Im seeing this right now? This is a huge mistake.

NegativeCreepWA3634d ago

Heres a funny fact. When I was playing it, I used xbox live chat to play with my friends. Whatever works right?

easto1a3634d ago

killing offline would end many sales so gd call

SuperStrokey11233634d ago

I assume you mean online right?

gamelova3634d ago

My first playthrough I played purely offline, and my second playthrough was completely online. Yes the online experience made the game so much better, but let's not think for a second that the game sucks offline. Demon's Souls is a masterpiece both offline and online.

PirateThom3634d ago

Sony really need to pull the finger out and get it on their own servers.

Dread3634d ago

for the first time i completely agree with you. this game is amazing, and letting the online die would be criminal.

Ravage273634d ago

hopefully this means that Demon's Souls 2 is going to be announced at TGS'10

kanetheking3634d ago

the one what made the game was form software and sony pubed it.

Spenok3634d ago

Well then From Software needs to get on with a sequal already. xD

Cloudberry3634d ago

Maybe not until Demon's Souls 2, I think.........

It's also one of the fastest growing game on message board (especially on GAMEFAQS, since I also a GAMEFAQS user).

From the moment the NA version released, Demon's Souls board jumped into 40.000+ threads.

Equally more / less the same amount with Final Fantasy XIII PS3 board.

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