Medal of Honor beta fires up Xbox 360

Long-delayed multiplayer trial phase finally arrives on Xbox Live; period extended for PlayStation 3 and PC until July 21.

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Natsu X FairyTail3648d ago

I played the game. I was getting my ass whooped off start hahah all the COD heads and BF2 heads are in there putting work.

good game though. It's still in beta so I hate that when somebody knifes you up you dont even see his sprites swinging at you.

Blacktric3648d ago

It'll be a great addition to the singleplayer campaign. It really really feels like a different Bad Company 2. I think DICE gone experimental with it and they did really good. BTW Xbox 360 beta looked far better than PS3 beta to me. Not trying to start a flamewar but I played PS3 beta a couple of days and every server I played in was laggy and I sometimes had FPS drops. Maybe EA wasn't using all of their servers at that time. I don't know. But I've never saw any of these problems on Xbox 360 beta. Yet.

pangitkqb3648d ago

I wanna try the 360 as well. I've personally had a blast in the Ps3 version, didn't have the problems you mentioned...aside from two or three dropped games.

I gotta get my hands on a 360 key.

Blacktric3648d ago

Well you can get a key from Get another EA account, enter the code you got to the Medal Of Honor beta page then choose Xbox 360 as preferred system for beta. And as I said I only played the PS3 beta for couple of days so they probably fixed those. Though as you can see, you can't say anything bad about PS3 here or you'll get crucified.

pangitkqb3648d ago

And yes, watch what you say about PS3 in here, anything negative is tantamount to murder. I own and love a Ps3 but I also own and love a dare I like both!

Spenok3647d ago

Agreed. The game is enjoyable. The no knife animation is annoying. Not to mention there can be some ridiculous reach with that thing.

Jordanemery3648d ago (Edited 3648d ago )

not all duplicate. More information is given. Updated information that is. Checked it before posting. Gives much more detail and instructions on how to play in it. To be honest, same topic... different article.

fortehhordes3648d ago

Says where to get the keys actually. But your right, it doesn't say extended to end of July. Not sure if that warrants a 90% duplicate story, but I am new here.

Kingdom Come3648d ago

If duplicates have been approved numerace times...
On Topic: I have no interest for Modern War FPS games...

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The story is too old to be commented.