The Six Weirdest PlayStation Ads writes:

No matter what Xbox fanboys say, Microsoft can never top Sony in the ad department. Most of the ads for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 2 were rather creepy or revolting. And this post will highlight (or lowlight) the best (or worst) of them.

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WLPowell3645d ago (Edited 3645d ago )

It still gets a laugh out of me even to this day.

EDIT: anything that came from the PS2/David Lynch days was awesome.

WLPowell3645d ago

You should check it out. It's very reminiscent of Unkle's "Rabbit in your headlight".

darthv723645d ago

it was also funny at the end when it said "be whoever you want to be in the third place".

Tricksy3645d ago

I really love PS commercials. I like the KB ones but still love the odd ones and the PS Universe ones are pretty awesome too.

twin_rotary3645d ago

lol, ya just found that one. Great stuff.

Davoh3645d ago

PlayStation advertising at it's best xD

PHOSADRA3645d ago

I love the ps3 ads. Especially the firsrt ones with the baby, rubic's cube and sixaxis controlling the eggs.

And of course the new K. Butler ^.^ FTW

BiggCMan3645d ago

dont forget the 2007 campaign, also awesome.

Karl Marx3645d ago

Yeah man. That campaign was sick. When I saw it, I bought a ps3 the next week

AlienFodder3645d ago

That was mind-bending... I'm glad I didn't see it back then because buying a PS3 would have been very, very hard to resist! :D

Katana Yamato3645d ago

Phosadra: Yeah i have to agree with you. The Creepy Baby was well...creepy. But i like that it was unique and different then just simply advertising the PS3 ya know. Makes it seems terrifying. I like Kevin Butler as well.

RedDead3645d ago

Are these suppose to convince me to buy a PS? I like them but there is something seriously wrong with the person who makes these. Especially the second one. WTF?

WLPowell3645d ago (Edited 3645d ago )

It's a commercial for a product that sells fantasy entertainment, as the great early 90's Sega and Nintendo commercials showed us it SHOULDN'T MAKE SENSE!!! It should just get the name of the product stuck in your head.

Microshock3645d ago

I think Sony's ad agency was trying to portray the fact that the PS3 was a really powerful machine that could do everything.

Not a great ad for selling things but it's still pretty neat.

user83971443645d ago

I gree,sony was trying to make the PS3 a powerful and idk evil console lol. But looking at the baby commercial makes me miss the phat PS3 :(

Honest_gamer3645d ago (Edited 3645d ago )

my weirdest one is the one with the guy who is in the bath tub and wow i just watched it again and it has freaked me out once again
heres a link
if you can find a weirder one post a link in a reply XD

that one you linked is pretty good but got nothing on my one lol the end bit was just wtf

mrv3213645d ago (Edited 3645d ago )

Erm... ok... what do you really say to that? I'm fairly scared to be honest.

Sony does some crazy drugs.

captain-obvious3645d ago (Edited 3645d ago )

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is it a hentai ?
what's its title i'll download it


Karl Marx3645d ago

WTF is wrong with you? You like hentai porn? What's wrong with real porn with real girls?

Honest_gamer3645d ago

nothing is wrong with real girls no one said there was anything wrong with them but some of us like to expand into other stuff than sex, porn and look at degital stuff

writersblock3645d ago

Theres a whole world of supermodel porn actresses out there and your looking at animated chicks?

captain-obvious3645d ago


you PPL act like i got no porn with real ppl in it
i got a lots of them

the thing is i like both

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