Just Cause 2: Platinum Diary

When I decided to pump 70 hours into getting a Platinum award on Just Cause 2, I also decided to write my feelings on the game at the end of each day. This is what the result of that was, my slow decent into the madness and hell of the biggest game world in recent memory. Not a review just my thoughts; leave a comment if you had a similar experience.

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Quagmire3637d ago


Im surprised youre still sane after all that torment.

absolutecarnage3636d ago

I'm doing to the same thing but for the 360, right now i'm sitting at 53% i have 157 locations 100% complete

ian723636d ago

Love this game. Played Just Cause 2 for around 35 hours with about 35% complete. Its a very good game. If you like open world action games this is a must buy. Plenty bang for your buck, as they say.

TheShape1083636d ago

My final stat's were 258 locations complete, around 5000 kills 3000 of which were elites, just over 2000 resource items, and a whole bunch more stats I don't care to remember. Had fun doing it, but at the end I spent 30 hours past finishing the game just getting parts and waiting for cars to spawn. It's almost too much bang for the buck.