PSN Go App Launched on iTunes App Store

A new iPhone app for PS3 gamers(trophy whores, specifically) hit the iTunes App Store yesterday. Designed by Xavier Larrea, the developer of the 360 Live app, PSN Go brings all the features of his app for Xbox 360 to PS3 owning iPhone users.

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rrquinta3639d ago

I would probably get it if it were free, but don't really feel motivated to spend $2 for something like this.

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js7263639d ago

Wow, not only did I miss that, but so did everyone else who approved it. Know how I can fix that? Can't edit anything after it's been approved.

NIN643639d ago

The thought of giving my PSN login info to a 3rd party program seems a little odd to me. . .

js7263639d ago

I agree, but other websites use a secure login option provided by Sony and I believe this program does the same. All the communication is directly with Sony's servers and the third party doesn't see any of the info, if I've been told correctly.

Microsoft Xbox 3603639d ago

Reviews say it's fast. I hope so because the other PSN apps are ridiculously slow to sign in. Not to mention buggy.

If the dev for this app reads this, please make an iAd version. I promise to click the ads. lol

Convas3639d ago (Edited 3639d ago )

Your presence in this topic is so ironic it's ridiculous. LMAO!

LeonSKennedy4Life3639d ago

He's right though.

iTrophies and the others are extremely slow.

Eddy2233639d ago

Tons of people on the playstation blog share called my idea dumb! and said itll never happen
well whats this?

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