Screw The Wii. Give Us Back The Old Nintendo

NowGamer: This all started – as these things often do – with a feeling. A sense of creeping despair which, up until a moment shortly after our usual triple-strength caffeine enema this morning, we’d barely acknowledged. But there was something itching there – something we couldn’t quite shift. By the time we’d sat down to work, we spat it out, expecting – even from our own colleagues – boundless repetition of the voluminous collection of sales figures outlined above. “Whatever happened to Nintendo. I miss them. I miss what they used to be.” We were met with sympathy...

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handheldwars3646d ago (Edited 3646d ago )

SMG, SMG 2, SSBB, MK Wii, Sin&Punishment 2, New SMB Wii, Metroid Prime Trilogy, Metroid: OM, LoZ:TP, LoZ:SS, Kirby's Epic Yarn, DKC Returns, Pikmin 3, NBA Jam, GoldenEye 007...

Need I say more?

jimmins3646d ago

I don't want to play any of those.

darkcharizard3646d ago (Edited 3646d ago )

I'm appalled @ how MUCH people here hate Nintendo to the core.

@handheldwars: These games are/will be some of the best this generation.

Now all you haters will disagree with me :((

LoaMcLoa3646d ago

jimmins: Then, you're a noob

turok3646d ago

... or not a gamer to not like at least one of the games listed. I dont want to knwo wut games u play to justify such a retarded way of thinking. I own PS3 and Wii yet my choice for hardcore gaming be the Wii. Exclusives that nintendo got is too great to resist.

ShinMaster3646d ago

I agree with all except LoZ:SS. I'm sorry but that looks like Wii Sports Resort with an LoZ mask.
LoZ:TP is better in my opinion :P

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seinfan3646d ago

Look at all the Mario games. LAME!!! Mario hasn't been good in 15 years. All the titles after the N64 era are pretty much rehashes of the same exact games.

turok3646d ago

... Mario is king. Either bow down to the king or drown in the moat then go elsewhere.

Anon19743646d ago

You clearly haven't played either Mario Galaxy or Mario Galaxy 2. Not only are they 2 of the highest rated games of all time, but they're a fantastic new twist on old Mario gameplay and shouldn't be missed by any Mario fan.

And Super Mario Brothers Wii is the way the game was meant to be played, co-operatively with friends.

I think you're way off on that one, seinfan. I don't even own a Wii anymore and I've played these titles. They shouldn't be missed by any Nintendo fan.

seinfan3646d ago (Edited 3646d ago )

When the face of a company is on their gaming console (the cheapest on the market) accompanied with the motion gimmick that had a few years head start, yeah, it's going to sell because of the spoiled brats all over the world in which the parents can't shut up about wanting a game. And guess what: once it's bought, it gets left to collect dust because they get bored with it. King? No, not really. The Mario icon is pretty much used and abused at this point.


And every pixar movie has a 90+ rating on rotten tomatoes. I'm sure all of those movies are the best ever. They have nothing on the Godfather, Inception, The Dark Knight, Cuckoo's Nest, Goodfellas etc. (i.e. works that have actual effort to put out something entertaining or good. not just to make a quick milked dollar for a name).

MrRockman643646d ago

I dare you to play and finish Mario galaxy 2 and then you can come and tell me

hatchimatchi3645d ago (Edited 3645d ago )

@ above

i played and didn't finish mario galaxy 2. I only got about 20 stars. I like the game but I hate motion controls. If there was an option to play it with the classic controller I wouldn't be able to put the game down. I really hope nintendos next console doesn't force motion controls in its games.

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AngryFork3646d ago

SMG - Good, not as great as SM64

SMG2 - Great.

SSBB - Almost everyone agrees not as good as Melee, and only good for offline multiplayer.

MK Wii - Absolute garbage, I beat this game in less than an hour, EVERY level on the highest difficulty. Complete casual-fest.

Sin & Punishment 2 - lol rail shooters

New SMB Wii - Great, lol @ charging 50$ for it though. Also needs online co-op but ofcourse the Wii can't handle that.

Metroid Prime Trilogy - Good for people who enjoy the series.

Metroid: OM - We'll see. Once again only for Metroid fans though.
Twilight Princess - Dull, dull, dull.

LoZ SS: I've yet to see anything that makes this look different from other Zelda's, it also apparently doesn't have expansive worlds and Ninty themselves said it was too 'hardcore'. No thanks.

Kibry's Epic Yarn - Looks great.

DKC Returns - Great, but yet another 2D game? And for 50 bucks I bet. Come on now, this is plain laziness.

NBA Jam - lol. I bet this will be 50$ on Wii, but the superior PS3/360 versions will be 20$ on PSN/Live because they won't get away with that on the other consoles.

Pikmin 3 - Booooooring.

Goldeneye 007 - Doesn't even have Pierce Brosnan, it's not even a remake it's a "re-imagining" with graphics that honestly don't look better than the N64 version.

Now do you want me to list all of the GREATNESS that was on the Nintendo 64 and SNES? Or do you not want to be completely embarrased?

Mahr3646d ago

"Sin & Punishment 2 - lol rail shooters"

That's crazy. You're crazy.

tunaks13646d ago (Edited 3646d ago )

oh god,
the fail in that comment ... too much to digest.

Seferoth753646d ago

Heavenly Sword. GOW knock off. Very boring
Uncharted = Tomb Raider with a guy. Boring
Uncharted 2 = rehash of the first and still jsut as boring
Resistance = poor copy of PC FPS. Boring and did nothing new
Killzone 2-3. rehash using 80's tech as its main selling point.
LBP2. Cheap Mario knock off that lacks any of the fun of the Mario series.Boring
Sorcery. Who wants to waggle. Kids games are for kids any way.
Resistance 1-3. OMG another boring FPS.

See its not hard to do that BS with your favorite company as well. I think you have the perfect avatar cause you are obviously retarded.

spooky2053646d ago

system? They easily dwarf anything on the wii. Oh and you also named future titles that are not yet released. If we go on titles that have been released the only thing worth playing is SMG1 (if you can get over the fact its clearly inferior to Mario64), SMG 2 (havent played it yet but saving the money to buy it), super mario bros wii (incredible platformer i enjoyed immensly.), no more heroes 1&2, SSBB (if you can get over the fact that melee was much better and you didnt have to play with that lame ass wiimote.), and Zelda (if you didnt already play it when it was on the gamecube).

I own 6 wii games. Now lets compare that to my 14 ps3 games and my 12 360 games that i have purchased over the years. I think its very apparent that the wii is lacking some in the games department. Hell the new super mario even plays the damn game for you and beats it if you cant do it yourself. The new direction of making games the fans want and not catering to the casuals completely will benefit everyone but lets be realistic in its current state the wii has less worthwhile games than either the ps3 or 360.

MrRockman643646d ago

Excuse me!!!, there are way more games out there for wii Mr., one thing is that maybe you dont like some of them, but it doesnt mean everybody agree with you, i have 26 games on wii and sadly i got rid of my ps3 and shity 360, why!!!!???, because they JUST SUCK!!!!, Resident evil 5?, street fighter 4!!!, what else?, oh yeah, a bunch of boring shooting games that look the same and a retard bunch of sports, sorry, but you dont really know what really good games are.

homer3646d ago (Edited 3646d ago )

Yes, you need to say more. MH3,NMH1 and 2, Red Steel 2, MoH Heroes 2, Battalion Wars 2, and TvC.Also every gamecube game,tons of vc games, and wiiware games.
Oh yeah, Punch out also.

nintenflo3645d ago

I completely agree with you that these are excellent games.
But for me none of these games NEED motion control, infact i found metroid especilly was ruined by motion control ( my arm was killing me after about an hour!!!).

I would much rather have these games with 360/ps3 quality graphics than motion controls!!

Seferoth753645d ago

Metroid hurt your arm? Seriously? You couldnt figure out to sit your arms in your lap and play? I play every Wii FPS that way.

It's seriously hard to take you people seriously when you say that. It makes me think you just played it for 5 minutes at Gamestop. First week I had my Wii I figured out how to be even more relaxed and laid back while playing it than I ever could a normal controller.

Hey maybe I am wrong and you are a moron but I tend to give people more credit than that. I'd rather think you were just making up your experience because you'd have to be an idiot to play the Wii holding your arms straight out all the time and not figure out how to sit them in your lap and still play.

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SupaGamer3646d ago

I own the Wii and would much rather have it as a HD console without motion controls.

secretsea3646d ago

Because 2 Hd Consoles without motion just aren't enough?

Spenok3646d ago

The Wii is great how it is. Plenty of good games, with sometimes decent control schemes. However i couldnt help but feel while playing my favorite franchise (Zelda) how the game would look, feel, and play on an HD console.

Alos883646d ago

They've found their niche and are happy to have monopolized it.
Well "niche" isn't the right word- makes it sounds too small. All I know is that they've made a fortune this gen, and given the fact that the Gamecube was third place last gen I'd say they are justified in trying to find a new market.

joypads3646d ago

the Wii is their most successful coonsole to date (billion dollar machine) so i think they would rather screw you.

dhall19893646d ago

I only want to play NBA Jam and Goldeneye...other than that a majority of Nintendo games are rehashed versions of the same game that has been coming about for the last 20 or so years.

ChickeyCantor3646d ago

NBA Jam, Goldeneye,
And then you speak of rehashed versions...

My irony meter just went to mars.

secretsea3646d ago

LOL ..and NBA Jam and Goldeneye aren't?

maniacmayhem3646d ago (Edited 3646d ago )

That comment reeked of supreme EPIC fail.

Either you're the funniest guy ever or're just sad.

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