Joe Danger Dev Clarifies XBLA Comments

NowGamer: Hello Games' Sean Murray has moved to explain whay he described XBLA as a 'Slaughterhouse'...

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Blaze9293643d ago

i love when people like to track-back on their words. we all know what you meant and it will stay like that. don't p**sy out now

AridSpider3643d ago

he probably just wants to bring the game or something else over to XBLA and was just made Trials HD beat them to the punch. whiny developers these days.

Inside_out3643d ago (Edited 3643d ago )

These guys are making so much money these days they don't care what they say and to he's talking about the Wii. Last time I checked the Wii was at 72+ million consoles sold. I got an idea. lets Criticize them too.

As for Trials HD, it has become a real success story. If you get a chance, read some of the developers " Trials " and tribulations on making his the meantime, here's a couple of can see why this game has sold so well...

jimmins3643d ago

He makes a throwaway comment on WiiWare. Which is clearly less developed than XBLA/PSN

darthv723643d ago

for every game there is a trial version. Giving the consumer the opportunity to decide if it is worthy of their points or not. You can't say the same about psn. If anything, psn not having the same availability of trialware tends to make the sales of these games a final deal as you cant return your downloaded game for money back. Someone thinking they might like the game pays up front for it on psn and then they dont like it.

The publisher get the money regardless. Live having trials is a risk because it adds choice to the mix. You try, you like, you buy try, you dont like, you delete the trial.

I would like to at least see more preview videos for psn games that do not offer a demo. It may not be much but it at least lets me see what the action looks like.

BabyTownFrolics3643d ago (Edited 3643d ago )

about Live

when I purchased my PS3 and went to the store I was surprised by the lack of trials for the games. Some games do have demos but most dont. I am not putting down PSN or the games available there, but i had assumed when people speak of the parity between the two services something as simple and fundamental as a trial version of available games would be a given.

Each service has its strengths and weaknesses, this being a strength for Live (all games except some Games on Demand (original Xbox and current 360 games) have trial versions) and a weakness for PSN, though I wonder if this will become one of the selling points for PS+ in the future.

NYC_Gamer3643d ago

alot of devs are making themselves look foolish now days

lochdoun3643d ago (Edited 3643d ago )

Limbo says hi.
Keep your poor Trials HD ripoff on PSN. I'll take the real thing.

tdogg060519913643d ago

Also can you tell Alan Wake if it wants to sell to come to the PS3 ya thanks.

Blaze9293643d ago (Edited 3643d ago )

the hell does Alan Wake have to do with this or Xbox LIVE Arcade? I swear you fanboys are becoming dumber by the day and just love to reply anything to make yourself feel even.

lochdoun mentioned how LIMBO is already off to a successful start thus countering the dev's comment about XBLA being a slaughterhouse. And because Joe Danger and Trials HD are similar he says keep it on PSN.

So please explain to me where Alan Wake and sales come into this please.

Dark3603643d ago

Also can you tell ModNation Racers if it wants to sell to come to the Xbox 360 ya thanks.

Unicron3643d ago (Edited 3643d ago )

"lochdoun mentioned how LIMBO is already off to a successful start thus countering the dev's comment about XBLA being a slaughterhouse. And because Joe Danger and Trials HD are similar he says keep it on PSN. "

And he did it in the most fanboyish way possible. Kudos. This is N4G, stupid BS feeds stupid BS. Haven't you learned by now?

PS3Freak3643d ago

He said that SOME games do well on XBLA while some are condemned to sell very few copies. So LIMBO doing well doesn't counter anything he said, it is just one game. I am sure there alot of XBLA games that sold terribly. The same thing probably goes for PSN anyways.

HolyOrangeCows3643d ago (Edited 3643d ago )

"Limbo says hi"

Oh, a $15 game that only lasts 3 hours says hi? Tell it I said I'll see it when it goes on sale.

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Spenok3643d ago

Will do my friend. You keep playing what you like, and ill do the same for me. If you could though, please stop telling other people what to like and dislike.

J-Smith3643d ago

i thought 'Slaughterhouse' was a downloadable game LoL

Agent_Cody_Banks3643d ago

Joe Danger looks like the type of game to but me back into the psyche ward for a few years. Just seeing that little bastard smiling while riding a motorcycle causes me to cut myself.

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