VGRT Special Episode: Is Kinect Worth $150?

The fourth Videogame Roundtable Special Episode comes on the heels of the breaking news that Microsoft has officially priced Kinect at $150, as well as releasing details on the Xbox 360 Slim Arcade and the Arcade/Kinect bundle. Jonah Falcon and Paul S. Nowak discuss whether Microsoft is doing the right thing or not.

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Wizziokid3644d ago


just saved everyone an article.

IRetrouk3644d ago

of course its not, move over kinect

JonahFalcon3644d ago

Move = $180 and a ripoff of the Wiimote. Why over Kinect?

IRetrouk3644d ago

lmao, if you look at the tech move is a world away from wiimote, they look similar but the tech is way better, go look at some of the vids to see the diffrence. and in the uk move is cheaper than kinect so why would i, u know, kinect.

SeanRL3644d ago

Sony has been working on motion controls for 10 years, how did they rip off the wii-mote? Plus, the ps move is more accurate and advanced than the wii-mote.

Seijoru3644d ago Show
GaMa853644d ago

Kinect=149$ and a ripoff of the Eyetoy.Why over Move?

Biggest3644d ago

I see what you're trying to do, Psfan999, but you don't have to. So what if it's similar to a Wii? Doesn't that take their "OMG XBAWKS SELLS A TON" crap out of the picture? What's more worrisome is that people like JonahFalcon think that $99 = $180. His teachers failed him. He thinks that the lagfest shown in Macy's all across the country is a good thing. I remember when the battle cry was "How can you bash the Natal? It's not even out yet! You haven't played it yet!" But now that it IS playable and it IS available for normal consumers to play and record being played they can't say anything in defense. It's back to the buzzwords "innovative" and "never seen before!" If they think the Kinect is worth $150, so be it. If they feel the Kinect is a new product that has no similarites to current products, so be it. If they feel that SOCOM4, LBP2, Killzone 3, Sorcery, and Heroes on the Move are equal to no games at all, and Kinectimals, Jumping Raft Party, Jumping Wooden Platform Party, and You Can't Dance Like This Party are equal to great games. . . So be it. Let them enjoy what works for them. There is no need to justify the Move here. Kinect has barely shown any of what Microsoft proclaimed it to be. There is no Minority Report. There is no 1:1 movement. There is no bottom of the shoe. Therefore it is not worth $150.

moparful993644d ago

180? Where did you get that number from?? If you bought the $99 move bundle and the 29.99 navi controller you have all you need for 130 bucks.. 20 bucks cheaper then kinect and its casual fanfare lineup..

Pennywise3644d ago

JonahFalcon, this is not lala land. People will call you out on lies and stupidity... from the comments above me, it has already been handled.

I have Kinect already. I bought it with the Eye of Judgment game. It isnt good for gaming alone.

N4PS3Fanboys3644d ago

If people can compare Kinect to the Eyetoy, then we sure can compare Move to the Wiimote.

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xg-ei8ht3644d ago

Kinect does not work, do not waste your time.

Only idiots need apply.

Basil-Rathboner3644d ago

Thats a terrible insult to idiots. Even they couldn't be that stupid. Or could they?

tatotiburon3644d ago

meanwhhile move is floping in sales and kinect is in the top 10 everywhere

moparful993644d ago

Flopping in sales? They're not even out, you're basing your comment on pre orders? Dude get bent...

PS360_373644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

Because the PS3 fanboys think they speak for everyone else in the entire world when they say that Kinect is not worth it.

Don't you think its funny that every "Is Kinect Worth It?" article is filled mainly with know fanboys saying that it doesn't work and it isn't worth it.

Edit: As a hardcore gamer that owns both PS3 and 360 I will be purchasing Move instead of Kinect, but I'm not going to piss on Kinect just because I'm not getting it.

Seraphemz3644d ago

why aren't you getting it?

and what people are stating that Kinect isn't worth it. Are they lying? Can't they give an answer to this articles question?

I would understand if fans were making stuff up about Kinect...but the facts are:
the games suck,theres lag,and it's overpriced.

if I could play Gears of War or even Forza on it..i would say it's worth it... But all ull get is Skittles and Kinetimal...and other rip offs (Eye Pet)

PS360_373644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

Why aren't YOU getting it??

I understand that PS3 fanboys think:

"the games suck,theres lag,and it's overpriced."

But how are you calling those facts. Besides the lag, saying a game sucks is opinion and saying it is overpriced is an opinion.

Do I need to be a a-hole by posting the definition of the word "fact" for you?

"and what people are stating that Kinect isn't worth it. Are they lying?"

I'm not saying they are lying, I'm saying it doesn't matter what the PS3 fanboys think about it, because that's the only thing I have heard since the price got announced. It doesn't matter if it was a good deal or the games are worth buying, the PS3 fanboys won't ever say it...which begs the question...why comment?

And to your other reply : "show me one report that states Move is 'innovative'"

"Immerse yourself in the most innovative games ever created with the PlayStation®Move motion controller."

It's not directly saying that the move is innovative, but I think you get the picture.

moparful993641d ago

Why do you continue to single out ps3 fanboys? This "opinion" is shared by a great deal of people within the industry. Kinect is far from launch ready yet microsoft is launching regardless.. Just like they did with the 360 they are too concerned with beating sony to market to focus on quality. They have this mindset that "If enough people buy off hype we can ride that gravy train long enough to allow us time to develop a properly working version"

Pennywise3644d ago

I hope all of you defenders buy Kinect and find out it is a glorified PSeye. Once you do, PLEASE be man enough to come back here and let us know you were all wrong.

GaMa853644d ago

Haha they wont admit it at all.They will just jump to whole sales argument like they always do.

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