Alien Swarm in First Person - guide and video

How to play Alien Swarm in First Person mode. A guide with a video example.

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Fred-G-Sanford3637d ago

I wish this game had controller support.
I would much prefer to play it with my 360 controller.

Maybe (hopefully) it will be patched in later.

Drjft3637d ago

Keyboard and mouse offers a shit tonne more control then joy sticks.

Fred-G-Sanford3637d ago

I'm well aware of that, but I don't want a "shit tonne more control", I want to play the game with a 360 controller.

tdrules3637d ago

It does have controller support.
They just released a patch today that improved it, stop whining.

BattleAxe3637d ago

The great thing about PCs is the versatility which allows people to use whatever for of controls they want. Personally if the game supports the 360 controller, then thats what I like to use.

Redgehammer3637d ago

used to scoff at the notion that a controller should even be mentioned in the same breath as the venerable KB&M. However, the last 3 years of 360 ownership has completely softened my stance toward the controller as a viable input method. The controller requires a little more practice to master, and although the KB&M is more accurate, IMO it is a marginal difference. If a person is good with a KB&M then I believe they can become good with a controller.

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Tikicobra3637d ago

Can you change it back after doing this?

TABSF3637d ago

Yes it only does it for the time game running the game, restarting the game will most likely reset it

Also I would imagine a code in the console to return it

Spenok3637d ago

Most likely there will be.

distorted_reality3637d ago

Looks absolutely terrible in 1st person. I don't know why anyone would want to play like that tbh.

distorted_reality3637d ago

I didn't say the gameplay was lacking - I actually love the game.

But when we're talking about a pure cosmetic change, looks ARE everything, and I think the first person mode totally takes away any atmosphere the game creates in 3rd person.

lucifon3637d ago

Have to agree, the lack of skybox etc. I think the whole charm and atmosphere the game conveys is from its top down perspective, looks like putting it in first just loses all that. Awesome game though :) Hope the modding community really takes to it.

Spenok3637d ago

Nice find. Looks to be worth playing once or twice in FP.