Gamers not satisfied with Kinect

Professional gamers and those who love to play the games regularly have said that Microsoft’s Kinect has an identity problem. They say that the ‘’ you are the controller’’ motion-sensing camera for the Xbox 360. The experts say that the controller is not for the professionals and serves well to the casual gamers only.

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I_find_it_funny3636d ago

Yes, gamers will not be satisfied with Kinect, Xbox gamers are known as hardcore for playing Halo/Gears, I doubt they will spend this much for a device that doesn't expand hardcore gaming. Move is more appealing for core gamers I think as it supports Killzone and such.

gypsygib3636d ago

"You are the controller" would be true if the controller only had a single analog stick and no buttons. Kinect is a very limited controller, even the Wii and Move nav controllers give gamers more control options. Kinect 's launch lineup is a big middle finger to 360 core gamers - not one game was made for us! MS no longer cares about core gamers, they just want that Wii money and consider us small potatoes.

Smootherkuzz3636d ago

Has anyone tryed to play a hardcore game using the Move contollers? just wandering. As for hardcore gamers that has Xbox 360 and say Kinect for now just crab the wireless contoller and play all hardcore games you want.