Microsoft Confirms Kinect Pricing, But Will Gamers Bite?

On Tuesday, Microsoft announced the long-awaited pricing of its Kinect system, a motion-sensing add-on system to its Xbox 360 console. The Kinect will hit store shelves on November 4 for $150, which includes a game Kinect Adventures. New players, meanwhile, can purchase a Kinect Console Bundle for $300. In addition to the Kinect and the game, the bundle includes the latest Xbox 360 model (that will cost $200 on its own when it ships on August 3).

Now the question becomes, will people buy it?

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Poseidon3640d ago

anyone els notice the kinect games are in purple cases? lol...its homage to barney.

Droid Smasha3640d ago

GAMERS already moved Kinect to the top of Amazon

MS will be a beast this fall

firelogic3640d ago

The kinect itself is practically the same price as a 360 arcade. the pricing is madness.