Kinect: the price ain't right

A £129.99 price point says only one thing, and that's "Idiot pound, ahoy!"

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Hyrius3638d ago (Edited 3638d ago )


IMO, people who buy it at 150$ are idiots.

@ T9X69 : At least there were hardcore games on the PS3 when it launched. :)

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J-Smith3638d ago

i would rather spend £129.99 on that russian girl on the right of this page[i will look stupid if the picture changes] LoL

EVILDEAD3603638d ago

LMAO @ 49 dollars more than Move and it's a price fail..

Rock Band Bundle 169 dollars
Guitar Hero World Tour bundle 189$
Ion Drum set 299$
TonyHawk Ride 119$

Not one complaint..

smart move to announe the pricing now..the whining and smear will start in July..the sales will pour in in November..


DuneBuggy3638d ago

Yeah thats the part I dont get Evildead. Your right about these band games.They cost as much (or more), but no one is bothered by the pricing.My nephew paid more for Beatles Rock band than what Kinect will retail for.

kanetheking3638d ago

no one got them the guitar hero went down 100 pound in a few weeks

WIIIS13638d ago

Well said and argued TX. Of course the fans on the other side will be quick to forgive and forget Sony for that debacle even as they readily find new and nonsensical ways to condemn Kinect.

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Wizziokid3638d ago

it should be less than £100 no question, for tech that still isn't 100% working I wont be paying £130

aaron58293638d ago

for a tech that was available for the ps2 ? with slightly enhanced features ?

Lumbo3638d ago

Why is this in PS3 news ???

wicked3638d ago

Because more Kinect articles are full of PS3 fans! :)

phinch3638d ago

Thank you very much, I think I will "MOVE" and invest my money else where

Gun_Senshi3638d ago

God kills a kitten.

Please think of kittens

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The story is too old to be commented.