Club Nintendo Reward Review: Nintendo DS Lite Game Card and Stylus Set (Super Mario Bros. Theme)

Ripten: "The Super Mario Bros. Theme Nintendo DS Lite Game Card and Stylus Set is one of the original Club Nintendo Rewards. The item itself opens and closes like a book. Inside the book contains several styli for the Nintendo DS Lite, as well as slots to hold up to nine Nintendo DS game cards."

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Sandwich Bender3638d ago

Holy shit, that would be rad.

greeneggsnsam3638d ago

Rad... until you permanently stain it. Stupid hot liquid.

qface643638d ago

i actually have this mario one its pretty cool

CrzyFooL3638d ago

That thing is actually pretty damn cool. Where do you find this stuff!?

KingNintendoFanboy3638d ago

It's a Club Nintendo Reward. Go to and look at the top of the site. It should say Club Nintendo. More info there.

CrzyFooL3638d ago

Yah usually I hate this nintendo fanboi stuff, but this is pretty cool.

zelda283638d ago

I like the design of the set. But since I have the DSI I won't be getting this.

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