Xbox 360 Sales Decline In Japan As DS Leads

Sales of Xbox 360 in Japan declined again week-on-week following a brief spike brought on by discounted hardware and the introduction of the revamped model, tracking firm Media Create revealed Friday.

Microsoft's console sold 5,688 for the week ended July 11, down from 7,303 units the prior week and 17,370 the week before that. The new 250GB Xbox 360 S released on June 24 in Japan, accompanied by price cuts on older original Xbox 360 hardware.

Leading the charts for another week was the Nintendo DS line of handhelds, which includes the DS Lite, DSi and DSi LL. In June, weekly sales of the hardware more than doubled following a price cut to DSi models, with combined DS sales peaking at 64,000 units one week.

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Newtype3643d ago

Nintendo showing that, "JAPAN IS OURS, BACK THE &*^* UP!"

zeeshan3643d ago (Edited 3643d ago )

Oh yeah! When it comes to Handheld and Motion Controls, NINTENDO is the king in Japan. When it comes to high def gaming media then Sony owns! I am sure that in a matter of days, the 360 will be back to it's 2k-4k mark.

tinybigman3643d ago

Is this news nothing here comes as a surprise?

Cloudberry3643d ago

This is Spar-

I mean, N4G.

Spenok3643d ago

Lol. Very true. This was expected though.

commodore643642d ago

... continuing the trend of falling ps3 momentum.

Where is the headline for that?

PS3 fans don't like the truth.
Makes sense now.

Eric Cartman3643d ago

It wasn't the best selling console over there to begin with.

BeaArthur3643d ago

Agreed. Tell us something we don't know.

sikbeta3643d ago

True, It's not news at all, x360 is doing poorly in Japan and nothing can change that, but if there was an article about the sales spike, I don't think why it can't be an article about the decline in sales...

Dance3643d ago

sales are hopping mad in the us and europe

scofios3643d ago

Not in europe amigo , UK is only 1 country in europe .

wissam3643d ago

If sony drop the price of the ps3 again. that will crush the x360 for good.

Rush3643d ago

Lolz the problem is Sony would start making a loss on the PS3 hardware again lol. Microsoft can afford to drop the 360's price Sony can't.

Rush3643d ago (Edited 3643d ago )

Actually anyone who's not mathematically retarded would know within the next 3 weeks the 360 is going to other take the PS3 in Europe.

At least it's extremely likely anyway, with the current sales rates the PS3 needs a miracle to say ahead. Disagree all you like because of your tard console choice am just laying the facts down.

Alos883643d ago

Hardly surprising, since DQIX came out this year.

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The story is too old to be commented.