More reasons why PS3's blu-ray is needed for gaming

The PS3 version of Rage will be on 1 Bluray whereas the Xbox 360 and PC version will take up 2 DVDs. Click on story for full details.

ShiftyLookingCow6159d ago (Edited 6159d ago )

yeah might cause flame wars

[edit] hehe WTF lets all flame to eternity in hell

Carmack said in 1up interview "With this game and this engine, we have one set of data assets (textures and such). You're able to see right away if, for example, if the damn PS3 version isn't working [Carmack and other members of id continue to gripe about the wasted RAM overhead involved with a PS3 game]."

JsonHenry6159d ago

I dont care if I have change discs once on my Xbox. And I wont have to change discs PERIOD on my PC after I install directly to my hard drive. : )

BLACKJACK VII6159d ago (Edited 6159d ago )

Sony's reason for the BD being in there was to win the *Movie* Format war. While more than enough space is useful, in a lot of ways, I can't argue that. They forced developers into justifying the Extra space, while most of the early games are still lack luster.(of course that may change, but on the real tip, if BD and space, have been the real deal, then Xbox 360 wouldn't have won these awards:

Best E3 Console Game--Mass Effect
Best E3 RPG-- Mass Effect
Best E3 Action Game--COD4
Best E3 Action/Adventure--Bioshock
Best E3 Sport Game--Madden 08(@60 FPS)
Best E3 Online Multiplayer--Halo 3
Best E3 Fighting Game--Virtua Fighter 5(Online via XBL)
Best E3 Game not Mentioned--GTAIV(episodic content)

Wow, alot of awards for dvd9 games... where are the exclusive PS3 awards ?

BluRay Gaming ?

SONY is *4.3 MILLION* consoles behind M$ & slippin' everyday. Xbox360's software currently outsells Nintendo & PS3, & that's BEFORE Bioshock, Mass Effect, & Halo3 ! Just wait for the M$'s pricecuts & the *2007* software releasing this Fall - Ouch. Unless the PS3 dramaticly increases it's abysmal hardware & software sales, more & more developers are going to CONTINUE to drop off.

*The extra space that has been used on Bluray disks for PS3 games has been used for...

1) The duplication of data (so that the INCREDIBLY slow laser read speed doesn't handicap the system with respect to increased loading times - think Oblivian!)
2) Carefully placed filler and/or junk code so that Sony's first party developers could come out and say that they could not have made the game if not for the increased capacity of Bluray (i.e. Resistance anybody?).
3) Hours & hours of CG footage. Exactly how does that contribute to gameplay ?

The bottom line here is that both Bluray and HD-DVD was not yet ready to be implemented into video game consoles because of the very slow read speeds of the first initial drives (*including the one found in the PS3 today).

Oblivian only takes up 4.6GB of data - UNCOMPRESSED! - but on the PS3 it requires far more space because the developers HAD to carefully and tediously DUPLICATE DATA at various parts across the duration of the game so that the laser wouldn't have to read back and forth as many distances as a typical DVD-9 drive. Prominant developers have come out and publically stated that drive read speed is far more important this generation than disk storage capacity and anybody with any form of technical insight whatsoever knows that the only reason why Sony was FORCED to include a hard drive *standard* was because they needed to give developers the option of caching off of the hard drive - inorder to reduce slow loading times.

So why then do most PS3 games have inferior texture quality to 360 games & why do 360 games run smoother ? ...well it's because you will never see more than 256mb of texture memory used in a PS3 game EVER! ..and yes you can blame that on the partitioned RAM found in the PS3 which was a technical necessity to adapt the floating point monster (which is the Cell) to more general gaming functions.

The bottom line here is that DVD-9 is more than fine for games this generation and compression technology is only improving and has to continue to improve if all of the space offered by Bluray and HD-DVD is going to ever be used in future generations of consoles WITH MORE RAM because optical disk read speeds will never be fast enough to blankly make all of Sony's claims founded - as to why they justified including a trojan horse in their console so as to leaverage Sony fanboy's pockets to gain a lead in the *movie* format war and thereby collect royalties from Bluray disks in the future!

Despite this, even *IF* they are "running" out of space - I would still take the DVD-9 drive in the 360 over the incredibly slow Bluray drive in the PS3 (for gaming applications) anyday! It's a trade-off, BUT it is not as easy as saying "more space = better". It's technically alittle more complicated than that my friend.

bung tickler6159d ago

the title is the only thing thats gonna cause a flame war simeply because *NEEDED* would imply that the 360/pc WONT have the game because it can only fit on blu-ray.... however obviously it ISNT *NEEDED* cuz the 360/pc ARE getting the game on 2 dvd's... big deal i say. so xbox owners have to change the disk one whole time... WOW. major problems there.

hella whip6159d ago

@1.3 The title of this story was the same on the source website. However the site has since changed its title to: "More Reasons why PS3’s Blu-Ray wins over the 360’s DVD"

Gorgon6159d ago

Best E3 Action/Adventure--Bioshock

Since when is Bioshock an action/adventure game???

tehcellownu6158d ago

@1.2= all the games you listed is not even out yet..and bioshcok is on pc..and most likely comin to the PS3..also mass effect is barely fits into one disk!! you xbots got to understand that swappin disk isnt the future..lol..games will get bigger and blue ray will help out devlopers out a lot..this wont be only the game that will have mulitple disk..just look at blue dragon.its uses 3 disk.and that game isnt even amazing lookin at all..lol..

how many more games will come out in mulitple disk before lemmings stop sayin dvd is enough..lol.i feel so ashame for you guys..

Daewoodrow6158d ago

"you xbots got to understand that swappin disk isnt the future"

Nobody ever said it was. I'm just not willing to pay extra for this "future". I'd rather wait for the future and get a discount for the present.

Skizelli6158d ago

"you xbots got to understand that swappin disk isnt the future"

*Gasp* God forbid having to swap a disk or two. Are you really that lazy? It certainly isn't an inconvenience to me. With wireless controllers and all, it doesn't hurt getting up once in a while and working a muscle or two. As long as the game is good, I don't really give a crap what format it's on.

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paracardium6159d ago

It's true ..this day and age you shouldn't have to swap discs.

JsonHenry6159d ago

You don't, it is called PC gaming!!

Hypnotic6159d ago

Are you really that lazy you can't get your ass off the couch to change the disc? If anything it's going to be good for you. Do you only play one game? Or do you call your mom over to change the disc for you?

That is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard.

Skizelli6158d ago

I bet when he's done going potty, he cries out, "Mom, I'm done!"

Vip3r6159d ago (Edited 6159d ago )

I'm glad the PS3 uses BD. I'd really hate to pay lots of money on a console and then have to swap the disks.

eLiNeS6158d ago (Edited 6158d ago )

there are so little games for the PofS3. Less games to swap out.

They need to change the name of this site to News 4 Flamers. It's really getting old.

pts6159d ago (Edited 6159d ago )

NCAA football sold 89,000 copies for PS3, compared to 468,000 for the Xbox 360. We also know that counting PS3 as a Blu-ray player lowers the attach rate for movies, diluting the higher attach rate of standalone players. Some are using it for games, some are using it for movies. Unless you're using if for both, it is really hurting Sony.

As a videogame device, PS3 is turing into a major flop. It's losing exclusives to the 360. Both EA & Midway expressed disappointment in the PS3 last week. Even Ninja Gaiden Sigma, the PS3 exclusive AAA title has yet to sell 90,000 copies. The Xbox price is lowered next week and Halo 3 comes out a month later, I don't see much hope for PS3 as a game machine. Despite the $100 price drop, PS3 only outsold Xbox by 50,000 units in July. It would take 8 years for them to catch Xbox at that rate.

As a Blu-ray player, PS3 is doing slightly better. The sheer numbers of people who would blindly buy the next Playstation has given Blu-ray a huge advantage early on, but is it really helping Sony? If someone buys the $499 60GB PS3 as only a Blu-ray player, instead of the BD-300 for example, this is the worst thing that can happen for Sony! It means Sony is paying for a 60GB hard drive, a CELL processor, Wi-Fi adapter, memory card slots, an Nvidia video card and PS2 emotion engine chips for a device that is only going to watch movies. No wonder they are losing $200 on each system sold! On top of that, PS3 is all but killing standalone Blu-ray sales. Why does everybody think everything is rosey in the Blu-ray camp?

MJY2K6159d ago

Why don't you look and see how much 360s were sold at the start of it's life cycle? The number is very close to that of the PS3 and it's only competition was the PS2. Not to mention that the lauch of the PS3 in Europe was delayed by a couple of months, if it launched sooner, even more PS3s would have been sold.

Also, the 360 is only just selling better than the origional Xbox if you compare them.

pts6159d ago (Edited 6159d ago )

Yes, PS3 is a major disappointment. It's not just me saying it... it's game publishers, retailers and industry analysts.

jwatt6159d ago

Blu Ray has nothing to do with a game selling more on the 360, it's the one year head start witch gave the 360 a higher install base.
Plus why are you so worried about how much money Sony loses, think about us the consumer who's getting a good deal.

pts6159d ago

The point is: including Blu-ray has increased the costs of PS3 to the point where it is too expensive as a game machine.

jwatt6159d ago

Saying that the ps3 is not selling well is getting old, your point would be valid two months ago.