New Call of Duty Black Ops Footage and Information

GoodGameTV is an Australian TV Gaming Show that's been running for years now, and with that sort of high exposure project comes big oportunities. One of those opportunities was for the team at GoodGameTV to actually get a tour of Treyarch's studio...

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Drjft3640d ago

Looks awesome. I love how that assault rifle just has the grenade launched strapped on, and not properly attached.

Conloles3640d ago

This show has sucked ever since that chick came in and removed Junglist

deadreckoning6663640d ago (Edited 3640d ago )

I'd bang that chk in the vid. The game looks fantastic btw, even though I swore to lay off shooters for a while, I might just have ta get this. Look at the gameplay vid with all those choppers in the sky at once...AMAZING. Treyarch are awesome multiplatform developers.

@below- I've never owned a COD game before, so I doubt ill get tired of it that fast :)

mikeslemonade3640d ago

Deadreckoning has the right idea. That's some Jade Raymond quality lady right there. Forget the game. Matter of fact, the game was never good anyway.

shoddy3640d ago

that military adviser sound really wise.

Spenok3640d ago

For some reason that chick looked familiar. Oh well, the game does look fantastic. Lets just hope that Activision doesnt charge for online.

gamerzBEreal173640d ago


finalblink413639d ago

That's be treyarch is garbage developers, when you get to pick of the scraps from the OLD IW and make a game you know your second rate hahahha, this game looks like shit. crossbows please.

sickbird3639d ago

i could be wrong but i think its just the strap for the weapon and its not holding anything on...

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CrzyFooL3640d ago

Whoa whoa whoa, How come Australia gets this crap!? WHO PUT THEM IN CHARGE!?

Drjft3640d ago

The same people that decided we ride kangaroos to school and work.

AngryTypingGuy3639d ago

Does all of the hopping give you guys hemorrhoids, or do you guys use saddles on your kangaroos for the most part?

writersblock3639d ago

You got a problem with that

badz1493640d ago

duh...what else did you expect?

Red Panda3639d ago

But all these idiots will go and make this pile of crap a top seller. There is no need to push the technology and take games to the limit because everyone is so content with this horrible rubbish. They would rather stay and play in the past. Keep supporting titles that have more bugs than a crack whore.

CrzyFooL3640d ago

The old man in this video who is the CoD military advisor is one bad ass mother . . . god damn. He's the real deal.

Drjft3640d ago

Dude, can't everyone do pushups on their head?


DarkTower8053640d ago

I do pushups with my penis.

Spenok3640d ago

There called Cock-pushups. Hasnt Jack Black and Tenacious D taught you anything?