Transformers: War for Cybertron Review (Goozernation)

Transformers is a series that has been searching for a game that would work well for both new and old fans. Something that mixes the cartoons gamers loved with as kids with a modern feeling video game. Does War for Cybertron do this? In someways, the game is fun and has a retro feel making it the perfect game for fans if gamers can overlook its glaring flaws.

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Xbox Games Summer Showcase 2024 start date, time, exciting leaks and how to watch

Here is the start date and time for the Xbox Games Summer Showcase 2024 with bundles of exciting leaks and how to watch.

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gold_drake12d ago

10AM PT/1PM ET/6PM london time.
on June 9th.

this is so odd. we had ps before the summer fest and now xbox after.

lelo2play10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

Summer Fest and the Sony show were both crap, let's hope Microsoft and Ubisoft shows are decent.

(the way this is going, I'm not asking for good/great shows, simply asking for decent shows...)

I miss E3.

RupeeHoarder10d ago

State of Play is a 30 minute sizzle reel. It is not meant to compete with the yearly Xbox showcase.

gold_drake10d ago

best e3 was when they showcased breath of the wild with the nintendo tree people i watched that quite a few times ha.

Daver10d ago

Diablo 4 expansion? Even if the game is bad.

Crows9010d ago

I'm definitely of the mind that d4 was complete crap at release...but the state of it right this moment is not complete crap. They've simplified a lot which actually helped their overtly stupid itemization.

End game content is still kind of stupid but at least progression and itemization is better.

Daver10d ago (Edited 10d ago )


Maybe but it is still boring. It might be a little bit better but it is not a good game.

Profchaos10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

Xbox had typically kept the old e3 dates alive it seems to always fall on Queens / Kings birthday holiday in Aus only reason I've noticed as it used to be a day off to engross myself in e3 showcases but nowadays it's nothing

Lightning7712d ago

The rumor is 30 games with a nearly 2 hour show. I hope so I, been saying they need to go balls to the wall with their showcase. That's according to Grubb again. Yeah a huge pinch of salt he's only been wrong or half right about some stuff.

There's also suppose to be a Wu Tang Clan game that's a kungfu action RPG featuring the legendary hip hop group New Yorks own Wu Tang Clan. You read right Wu Tang Clan kungfu action RPG.

Sounds weird, random and quirky but hey I'm down to see it.

romulus2311d ago

Bet the title has Shaolin in it.

purple10111d ago

State of decay 3 info is leaking on twitter!

Looks good. Personally don’t play horror/ zombie games, but I appreciate it’s a good game so that’s a win for Xbox fans.

Lord knows they need a win at the moment

ThinkThink11d ago

Appreciate the concern, but I think we'll be just fine. Hope you all enjoy tomorrow's show.

11d ago
Obscure_Observer10d ago

"The rumor is 30 games with a nearly 2 hour show. I hope so I, been saying they need to go balls to the wall with their showcase."

MS had the best showcases in the last few years.

This year, the bar is so low with those last showcases, that imo, MS and Ubisoft doesn´t even need to make much of an effort to beat them.

"That's according to Grubb again. Yeah a huge pinch of salt he's only been wrong or half right about some stuff."

Grubb was right about the last State of Play. Just a few days for the end of the month, he´d continued and insisted that it was going to happen. And he was right! Sony made a last minute announcement for whatever reason, but the guy was spot on.

Lightning7710d ago

Grubb was only half right. He only got the month down, which was late last month for a PS event but wrong on it being a PS showcase.

Half right at best. He's still not that credible these days. He definitely wasn't spot on.

derek10d ago

Grubb has been pretty spot on in his comments regarding showcases. You can tell he's not guessing, he knows in advance.

Sonic188110d ago (Edited 10d ago )

Microsoft has had the best showcases for the last 3-4 years. The problem with Microsoft and the Xbox division is their reputation and trademark around the world. That's what's really affecting them.

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anast11d ago

This show is going to be painful.

Elda11d ago

Hopefully not knowing most games shown will be multiplats & some eventually multiplats.

anast11d ago

The presentation is going to be the painful part. There might be some good games though.

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ArmrdChaos11d ago

You can always make a drinking game out of it for every time they say the words "Made for a modern audience".

Crows9010d ago

I'd like to be able to watch it through to the end though...

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GotGame81810d ago

Are you 12 or 13 now? 😂🤣

anast10d ago

This is fun. Some back and forth.

No, but those emojis sure seem like you might be.

Crows9010d ago

You'd think that every now and then even these dispassionate fools may do a good job...they've disappointed every single year since before release of Xbox one....that's a really long streak of disappointments...lol

anast10d ago

For sure. they have the money to put on a top tier show, but I'm afraid it will look like an event where super rich people are noticeably trying to be cheap. And they have this strange smile like they know they are trying o get over on people. It just makes for an awkward and tasteless showing.

GotGame81810d ago

My emojis? 😂🤣 Funny kid!