20 Namco Vs Capcom Matches We'd Love To See

The hot rumor this week is that two blockbuster crossover fighting games are in development – Namco vs. Capcom and Capcom vs. Namco. If these rumors are true, the former will run on the Street Fighter IV engine and the latter will feature the Tekken 6 engine. With each company featuring an absurdly long history of characters and franchises, there's certainly no drought of roster picks to wade through.

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alphakennybody3639d ago (Edited 3639d ago )

Heihachi pawns all his a tough bastard, He conquered both tekken and the world of Soulcalibut(2 to be exact and on the ps2). Now he's going to conquer capcom! Well thought out list by the way.
ps I would have put Paul Phoenix Vs Ken instead of kilik vs ken.