Ways to Stick-It to Gamestop

Kimulus of TLR writes "I mean come on, gamers pay 60 dollars plus tax for a brand new game and then when you trade it in the value goes down by more than 2/3’s. Doesn’t that seem ridiculous?"

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The_Zeitgeist3648d ago

Good Read. Nothing I didn't know, but a good read none the less. Kudos for doing something good.

Lightsaber3648d ago

Only real way to "stick it" gamestop is to stop shopping there all together.

Dee_913648d ago

ima shop there
but im not trading in nothing
no reason not to shop there thats irrational
if u trade in games alot just rent them instead


DJ3648d ago

Thanks for the tips. I never knew SwitchGames existed!

Elvfam5113648d ago

I stop shopping at gamesop for awhile now. I shop on glyde now. Just got RDR for 38 bucks brand new.

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The story is too old to be commented.