YouTube adds 4k video support, and it looks like crap. Why are they doing this?

YouTube announced on Friday that they now support the 4k standard for video (4096x2304 resolution) which begs the question... Why?

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MNicholas3639d ago

People like bigger numbers.

Spenok3639d ago

His Power..... Its ENORMOUS!

bakasora3639d ago

imagine doing MGS4 in 4k resolution.

pangitkqb3639d ago (Edited 3639d ago )

And I am as guilty as anybody else is for liking big numbers. I built a ridiculously powerful gaming rig, far beyond that required to play even the most high end current games.

It's a lot of fun...but not yet necessary. Kind of a silly purchase.

Legosz3639d ago

Now you will need a 4K monitor to go with that computer, and it might cost more then the rig itself! :P

pangitkqb3639d ago

Seriously! How much is a big screen 4k monitor gonna cost me? Will I need to mortgage my house? That's not happening!;)

randomwiz3639d ago

yep, when 4k gets mainstream, I'm sure that there'll be people with 720p or 1080p moniters opting for the 4k version..

Active Reload3639d ago

I can see your point, with the phone reference, if you live in a dense city. But if you live in the country and you have a big yard and all that stuff the 5 is definitely worth it.

RedDragan3639d ago

4K will not look as good as 1080p on a 1080p screen. Simple as that. But there are some people who have 4KTV sets... but they are extremely rare, we are talking talking multi-millionaire terrority and above.

El_Colombiano3639d ago

Even for those people, 4k on Youtube is nothing to call home about. 4k at 6.5Mbits is LOL worthy.

RedDragan3639d ago

Very true there buddy. 4K on disc would not be 6.5Mbits. But remember, 1080p on youtube is far less than 6.5Mbits even though it is approximately 35Mbits on disc.

Darkfocus3639d ago (Edited 3639d ago )

4K monitors are only around $5000 CAD. there mostly used by video editors and graphic artist. you can get an even higher resolution for around $3-4000 if you buy 2 separate 2560 x 1600 monitors

Ocelot5253639d ago

I would stick with 1080p and buy some games instead, 1080p is good enough for me

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MNicholas3639d ago

Much longer range.

NLOS capability: Can penetrate walls, trees, etc.

Longer battery life.

2.4Ghz phones were dreadful. Busiest spectrum and lacking in NLOS performance compared to 900mhz.

5 ghz is the worst. Horrible NLOS performance resulting in inferior range. Requires massive batteries. Much more likely to cause cancer in your brain.

A reasonable compromise is the 1.9Ghz "DECT 6" stanard. These occupy a less crowded spectrum and, while they lack the range and penetration of 900mhz,are the better than 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz in every meaningful way.

Mmmkay3639d ago

what happened to cell phones?

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randomwiz3639d ago (Edited 3639d ago )

its never too early to be ready for the future and improve as you go along

SolidSystem3639d ago (Edited 3639d ago )

the sample they showed me looked fine, but i didnt see the other resolution listed. i saw 1080P as the max.

edit: on the youtube site itself watching it in original, i dont see a resolution/ compression problem. my computer HD4770 8gbs ram amd 2.5 quad chugs.

Tomito3639d ago

You have to select Original

SolidSystem3639d ago

didnt see original on their embedded link either. you actually have to go to youtube to get it to show up.

writersblock3639d ago

I have an i7-920 @ 4GHz and a Radeon HD 5850
6 Gigs of DDR3

This 4K is crashing my video drivers, which makes no sense since I am running a $2000 system here. Anybody else having problems with Radeon drivers and youtube?

JJMeH3639d ago

Works fine for me, im running a 4870 x2 with the latest drivers.

randomwiz3639d ago (Edited 3639d ago )

im sure its a problem with youtube/drivers, not your rig.

i have a i7/5770 also, and im having problems with it freezing.

its fine on my laptop i7/ati mobility 5730, but it lags

El_Colombiano3639d ago

i7 plus 5770 is a dream. My Athlon 64 X2 simply can not keep up with my 5770.

writersblock3639d ago

You were right, I checked the drivers and they released new ones about a month ago

Downloaded and its working fine, if insanly slow. But thats the internet connection trying to stream 4K video

GrilledCheeseBook3639d ago

phenom II with a 5770 and it runs it fine so you should blast through it
even then like usual youtube has shitty bitrate for the resolution. I downloaded a raw 4k video and the bitrates was a slideshow for everyone even the ones with with an i7/5870

Noobasaurus_REX3639d ago

Why complain if you dont have to use it?

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