Call of Duty Subscriptions: Gaming's Biggest Threat

A recent video that surfaced showcases a user interface where players of Modern Warfare 2 are able to subscribe to a special service. While Activision is well known for its penchant to spread their IPs across multiple studios in an effort to milk those franchises, the subscription service being tested has some serious consequences for the gaming industry.

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Fred-G-Sanford3634d ago (Edited 3634d ago )

I have no doubt that Activision is behind some of these recent "leaks", as a way to judge public reaction to their plans.

Gamers need to say not just "no", but "F**k no" to this garbage and hopefully Activision will back down.
If paying for multiplayer catches on, we all lose as gamers.

Seriously, the amount of greed in the video game industry is truly mind-boggling. :/

DJ3634d ago

I'm glad how much reaction that video got, regardless of whether or not it's fake. The industry needs to know that we're not willing to get screwed over.

thorstein3633d ago

Medal of Honor.

If these rumours hold any water, I will NOT buy this game. I will by Medal of Honor and spend my 60 on a better game.