Fight Night Champion Announced

While announcing a new game in a long-running series isn't exactly unexpected, it becomes more interesting when major changes are said to be involved. Today EA announced Fight Night Champion for the PS3 and Xbox 360, and the first big change for the game is

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WIIIS13644d ago

Love this series. Has tons more polygon count on the characters than Uncharted I heard.

Quagmire3644d ago

The character/fighter models are absolutley astounding, probably the best this gen. The physics which go into muscle movement is also crazy.

ILLINOIS3644d ago

PLEASE let me play this game using the MOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

e-ray3644d ago

That's kind of what it sounds like when you read the article and they talk about a "whole new way of stepping into the ropes" and the most "user-friendly" and all that. Certainly would be really sweet.