What Nintendo Needs To Do To Succeed Next-Gen

Koku writes: "This generation of gaming has been nothing short of a marvel so far. We have seen huge advancements in technology and changes to the standards of conventional controllers. However, while Sony and Microsoft’s future consoles seem clear with the intentions of promoting the Move, the Kinect, and 3D support, Nintendo’s future is shrouded in mystery and it has left many gamers wondering what is next for Nintendo and their home console. While many people wish to proclaim many things, a recent interview with world famous game designer Shigeru Miyamoto has revealed that Nintendo won’t choose to go down the path of the conventional. What would Nintendo need to do maintain the success they have achieved with the Wii?"

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GamingForever3648d ago

I think I'll get their system no matter how it is.. Nintendo for life!

AC130-Gunship3648d ago (Edited 3648d ago )

The 3DS is a stroke of genius!! If it works as advertised, it will out sell all other hand held electronics. Nintendo is and has always been leading the way. Nintendo defines Next-Generation.

phantomexe3647d ago

Really tho is the 3DS going use friends codes? I don't care what kind of friends codes they need to picth that idea. I'm sure i'll pick it up but god have they not learned.

mikeslemonade3647d ago

For the handheld market they have nothing to worry about. As for whatever comes out for the Wii they're pretty much screwed. They will not hit a homerun next generation. Even Nintendo themselves thought the Wii would fail. Realistically what can Nintendo bring out next generation to compete against Sony or Microsoft. Nintendo will be third place next generation.

eagle213647d ago

Day 1 regardless. I know some people will say "blind fanboy", but I grew up playing Nintendo. And there is no way I will stop buying Ninty after all the excellent gaming goodness up till now. :)

ChickeyCantor3647d ago

If there are friendcodes, but also support traditional LAN options then I think ill be happy to use Tunneling software.

Friendcodes suck though, but their infrastructure is being improved or something.

phantomexe3647d ago

i'm sure it'll be better but really friends codes.. i really hope not

cain1413648d ago

I think they already are succeding...

Ziriux3648d ago

Systems sales sure, as far as software sales third party is suffering.

XxRoosterxX3648d ago

the SNES, third parties have always suffered on nintendo platforms, so what's your point?

Nintendo builds platforms specifically for their games. They could really careless if anyone else succeeds on their platform.

orakga3648d ago

The point is, if you want to play anything other than Mario and Zelda, you're wasting your money on a Nintendo system.

Their offerings have practically been a re-run of their N64 and GC lineup, with very minor improvements in either gameplay or graphics.

Sure, those who are just starting out playing videogames and are content playing the same Mario game every 2-3 years don't mind, but if your appetite for videogames extends beyond that, you're SOL with a Nintendo system.

XxRoosterxX3647d ago

All you did was reiterate my point.

Ziriux3648d ago

When you're a Nintendo fanboy like me, you support them no matter what.

Otheros003648d ago

So you are going to support them even if they have over priced propriety accessory and crappy hardware that keeps dieing like xbox 360?
And even if miyamoto quit or what if they killed of your favorite nintendo franchise?

ebgeer3647d ago

Virtual Boy or the Powerglove.

(Though the Powerglove was pretty sweet looking)

Otheros003648d ago

1. create New ips
2. less shovleware
3. stop rehashing old franchise
4. get rid of friend codes
5. actual have built-in 1:1 motion control with very little lag unlike DISKINECT
6. hard drive
7. HD graphics
8. less casual crap
9. take less time making sequels and if you're going to need more time at least try as hard as Polyphony Digital or Kojima at making your games
10. less crappy wifi

raztad3647d ago (Edited 3647d ago )

That sounds like a PS3+MOVE to me.

This gen Ninty surprised everybody and cracked up the previously untapped casual market. So far they have been profiting alone, riding on the novelty of motion controllers. Sony and MS are joining the party, so Ninty has to share the cake, with a small catch: Ninty is weak on third party support.

The only way Nintendo stay on top is providing something so unique and compelling (while cheap) people cant refuse it. Lets see whether that is actually happening.

DethRob643647d ago (Edited 3647d ago )

1. Motionplus Built in Force feedback Nunchuk Rumble Classic pro Controllers N64 controllers Wii Wireless Headset Blue tooth
2. 320Gb or 250Gb sata HardDrive
3. 3.2GHz or 2.9GHz Processor
4. 802.11 A/B/G/N Wifi 4 USb ports
5. Nvidia RSX 512 MB HD or 256MB HD HDMI out
7. Keep Backward Compatibility SD card media player in Games or system 8. Enforce Better Game Quality from 3rd Partyer Makers
9. All Games have online Features and game play
10. Build a On-line Community Chat Rooms Message Broads for Wii Owner Wii Nintendo can also help support 3rd partygame makers

dizzleK3648d ago

i think they'll surprise everyone by going back to some type of cartridge. memory is very rapidly becoming dirt cheap. i can see games coming on some type of thumb drive or something along those lines. loading screens and game installations are archaic relics. less moving parts=nothing to break and super easy maintenance.

RockmanII73647d ago

If they could make cartridges work that would be awesome, no more disc scratching.

Sprudling3647d ago

Cartridges work, but a 50GB one is way too expensive. Also, Blu-Rays are almost impossible to scratch by accident.

ebgeer3647d ago

I'm not sure how they would DRM them or if they would just change the look of them, or if it would work at all, but thumb drives are holding quite a bit of information these days--but I would question about how fast the information could move...but if anyone could do would be nin-ty.

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