Golf Accessory Review: Wii Chicken Stick [Examiner]

Ex: It's a safe assumption that Wii-owning golf enthusiasts have looked into the enhanced MotionPlus capabilities of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11. Players serious about their game both on and off the course may want to check out a new accessory crafted especially for them called the Chicken Stick.

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DaRockSays3635d ago

Tha chicken stick? you can't be serious. are you serious?

Neco5123635d ago

Sounds interesting, different for sure

CrAppleton3635d ago

Grab your Wood like Tiger

GuruStarr783635d ago

if i still had tiger woods '10, I'd probably pick this up.....looks alot better than all the other cheap, shoddy, wii-mote add-ons.

3635d ago
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