What Game Would Sell You On Motion Controls?

Gameinformer: "What game franchise would sell you on this next wave of motion controlled games? Do you want Assassin's Creed with one-to-one motion swordfighting? How about online Street Fighter tournaments that read your own body motions? Would you play Halo if they figured out a way to make the motion controls work without traditional buttons? How about an Elder Scrolls game that let you weave spells and mix potions with detailed arm motions? Or maybe one of the entries we requested in our motion control article in March?"

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dizzleK3644d ago

how about some games that'll give me a reason to keep gaming this gen period, motion controls or not.

Eric Cartman3644d ago

RTS games on big screens. If shooters like Socom and Killzone 3 can become more accurate with motion controllers, then these too.

Using Move for RTS games creates an opportunity for porting and creating games RTS games; a genre which has never made it to gaming consoles successfully. RTS elements could be added into existing games as well.

Eric Cartman3644d ago

Under Siege can be sold as a full retail game. StarCraft 2 can be ported to the PS3 and become a big title on the console.

Minigames in other games can have these elements implemented. Small RTS games can be developed and sold on PSN. In short, it diversifies console gaming.

Anon19743644d ago

I think a well done golf game would do it for me. I played Wii-sports golf and then Tiger Woods on the Wii but being a bit of a golfer - Wii-sports was nothing like swinging a real club and Tiger Woods was frustratingly limited by accuracy issues with the Wii-Mote.

I'd love a golf game that could actually help me with form and swing during the 8 months of Canadian winters I usually have to endure. It's be nice if some sort of golf simulator were in the works. Move would probably be the only motion control device to pull this off given the accuracy and the 1:1 movement.

edhe3643d ago

However integrating a new way of controlling the entire platform would.

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The story is too old to be commented.