Making the Team: Examining What Makes Team Based Games Unique

That Gaming Site: "What makes games that require cooperation and teamwork fun and unique."

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D3acon3644d ago

I missed team based games, I love FPS but it was nothing compared to socom. I like the idea of players watching each others back and actually working together. There was no, "I'm going to go over here and do my own thing." if you didn't work together and communicate you were dead. Those last few minutes when its 2 on 3, and you got your assault riffle and you're friend is a sniper. You manage 2 take down 2 by yourself and you know their sniper is hiding somewhere in the area, what you do, you let your sniper post up and you run out into the open like an idiot some times you live sometimes you die, but the enemy always gets dead. Memories.