Kinect officially overpriced

Today Microsoft confirmed the price of Kinect to be $149.99. At this price it might have a hard time competing with the PlayStation Move as well as the Nintendo Wii which can now be found new for $159. One has to wonder why would casual gamers buy a motion sensor for just $10 less than a full console?

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Johnny_Bravo3641d ago (Edited 3641d ago )

Kinect is $150 for the camera, a game, and it supports 2 players ($299 for new users). If you buy a Wii and want to play with more than one person you have to buy multiple controllers and nunchuk's which can get well over $300 if you buy a retail game. Kinect is cheaper, but Wii offers way more and better casual games.

Xander7563641d ago

You're forgetting that for Kinect to work you need a console too which is another $200.

ZombieAutopsy3641d ago

200 minimum, if you want the real package you would be spending almost 500 for a 300$ xbox and 150 for kinect.

Johnny_Bravo3641d ago

No I didn't forget that. I put ($299 for new users) for a reason. You can get a 4GB Xbox 360, Kinect, and Kinect Adventures for $299 when it ships this holiday. If you buy a Wii and all the multiple controllers, you will be spending just as much if not more.

bioshock12213641d ago (Edited 3641d ago )

No you can get Kinect for $300 for newcomers with the Xbox 360 bundle. Move on the other hand cost $400 with the PS3 bundled. For people who already own a PS3 Move cost $130 with everything and that is only for one person and Kinect only cost $150 for existing Xbox 360 users with a game and supports 2 people maybe more it hasn't been confirmed.

That's the thing with both Move and Wiimote they both have hidden costs.

Spydiggity3641d ago

the move requires a camera, a wii mote, a nun chuck, and a game. it's easily over 150 dollars. WHO IS DOING THE MATH FOR THESE ARTICLES? just flame bait garbage.

yes 150 is a lot of kinect, but it's not more expensive than the competition.

my god, i can't wait for this stupid fad to die.

mikeslemonade3641d ago

Kinect is better than the Wii, and the Move is better than both. Lets get that straight. Wii is 480p, it's never going to be as good. I rather go watch a movie than play a game on Wii.

Now as for Kinect it has Dance Central which might pretty much "day one" for me right now.

blitz06233641d ago (Edited 3641d ago )

It's the perfect price for Microsoft since they are now targeting the casual audience. When people hear it can support 2 players right off the bat it's a huge bonus for them. Honestly I laugh at people trying to defend MS saying Kinect will have more core games than the Move.

PshycoNinja3641d ago (Edited 3641d ago )

sure ya it costs 150 for the all the move stuff but theres a lot more hardware to buy in it for 150. Kinect is 150 by itself.

So let me get this strait:

Kinect(with game) = $150
total = $150

Move Bundle(Move controller, PSEye, Game)= $100
sub-controller = $30
Total = $130

^^^^Now tell me dont you see something wrong with this picture? I see that MS is overpricing one piece of hardware but tell me what you see.

Edit: RedDead your right but thats the cheapest option. At least with other peripherals you can just get the peripheral and not some cheap game and save yourself like $30-50.

RedDead3641d ago

Psyco ninja. You get a game with Kinect too in the 150 deal

darthv723641d ago

throw in another move and sub controller for two player gaming and then recalculate.

sikbeta3641d ago

the price for the complete kinect package:

x360 -> $200
kinect x 2 players -> $150
kinect x 2 players more -> $150

= $500

with the x360 bundle

x360 + kinect x 2 players -> $300
kinect x 2 players more -> $150

= $450

So, yeah, it's overpriced, come on, it's a camera with flawed tracking features and cost HALF the price of the console...

RedDead3641d ago (Edited 3641d ago )

Comparison to above

PS3- 250(is it?)
Move starter kit-100
3 Move controllers-?
3 nuchuks - 120( you do get a nunchuk with the starter kit don't you)
470 + ?

EDIT--Wii=300. But that doesn't count since its soul perpose is Motion gaming

Hudahudahuda3641d ago

I thought you could use the DS3 as a sub controller.

mikeslemonade3641d ago

Me personally i'm just going to buy one set or two at the most. I'm going to use the Move for the hardcore and online games. The Kinect is going to be more for the casual, but I don't need to buy extra controllers. The Wii, I'm going to drop kick the Wii three stories down when I get both the Move and Kinect LMAO.

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tinybigman3641d ago

but i'm not paying $150 for a camera and shovelware games. keep that to yourselves M$. my $150 will be better spent on 2-3 great core games.

Blaze9293641d ago

here's the thing I don't get. Even I can admit Microsoft can go screw themselves with pricing Kinect at $150. So if the hardcore all agree that this is way too much for that camera, then how the hell do they expect the casual market to cough up the cash for this?

Maybe the casual market should be renamed the dumb fools with money market.

Spenok3641d ago

Sounds like a good name for them to me.

ico923641d ago

lol the eye toy costs $100 less and from what we saw at that E3 confrence it can do pretty much everything kinect can do and has been doing it for like 7 years

darthv723641d ago

given the choice between eyetoy and pseye...which would you take?

compare the eyetoy to the live vision as those are directly related competitors.

People often forget about the live vision for some reason. I got one and whats cool is I can use it for the ps3 for video chat.

edgeofblade3641d ago (Edited 3641d ago )

Oh, I guess the Eye Toy (or Eye) can sense 3D now, something it could NOT previously do...

When did that change...?

Anyone who tells you the Eye Toy can do "anything" Kinect can do is at best willfully ignorant... and at worse a lying bastard.

Greywulf3641d ago (Edited 3641d ago )

Name a GAME that Kinect does, using its 3d space, that the eyetoy hasn't shown an example of, in a retail product.

Bonus if you can ignore Eyepets gesture sensing & Voice commands.

Kinect has promises of some 3d nonsense that it cant do, without a single game to show it off...

You can't even use Kinect with any major releases as well.

The Kinect defense on this site is hilarious. Move is a gimmick, just like Kinect is, but at least move has titles.. Thank god im not buying either.

aaron58293641d ago

I pay $150 for something which i do during my RELAX time...

I jump around, and sweat during my relax time... awesome !


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Chris3993641d ago (Edited 3641d ago )

Sure, I play online, but rarely if ever an offline co-op game. If I'm hanging out with friends, then I'm hanging OUT with friends, not playing video games.

The only bit of this new motion control movement that appeals to me is the Move, for very specific reasons. Those being, because I already have a PS3 Eye from Eye of Judgement and there are some "coreish" games coming out for the Move. So $50 for the wand, $40 for a game (Sorcery, probably) and I'm done. I've also left Heavy Rain and RE: 5 Gold unfinished on my shelf as they'll be updated to have Move support. That's three things to play right off the bat for under $100. I can justify that, even if I don't like it in the end.

downwardspiral3641d ago

woah, 150? this can't be right, pacther said it was gonna be for 50 bucks

trounbyfire3641d ago (Edited 3641d ago )

I am sorry but this is a joke 4 gigs will not hold music on my PS3. I am spreading the word that Move and kinect are the same price. Well Move is cheaper if you don’t want to play with anyone else. Move bundle + another Move = $150You don’t have to buy the NAV its an option just like the second move controller but its safe to have one just in case a friend wants to play. You can use the DS3 or SIXAXIS which you will already have because you brought a PS3. If you have many friends over two Move controllers will be enough and not one game uses two NAV.Now Kinect is two at a time so naturally you would have to take turns or buy another 360 & Kinect and connect them together somehow. So why can’t people do the same with Move. Same price and same functionality when more than two people.

Also if you have the PS EYE already then its $140 (two Move option plus game) still around the same price.

madjedi3641d ago

Why does everyone assume you have to buy 2 move controllers for everyone else, not all of us have offline multiplayer sessions with 2 or more people over.

I buy stuff for one person me if people want to come over and use move they can bring their own controller, or we can take turns. All i need is the controller and a game, some of us have had eyetoys for a while now.

Move is expensive as natal only if you have to have 2 sets of full controllers for offline gaming, if you don't $100 move bundle beats 150 natal bundle in that regards.

jerethdagryphon3641d ago

i live alone i play mainly offline games and i have a pseye for vid chatting the move wand is about the same as a ds3 and the navigator is 25£

thats not to bad yes starting from scratch is costly no shit but not everyoen is starting from scratch

NeutralGamer3641d ago

Not interested in Kinect..

The 4 GB Arcade bundle + Kinect for 299 seems cool, but I would rather buy a normal Xbox without Kinect..

Or a Wii....