Dustin Stevens vs. The World… of Warcraft (Day One)

The first part of a week-long series of looking at World of Warcraft from the eyes of a total MMO novice:

"After finishing my workday (and starting my week-long vacation), I joined the community of the world’s most popular MMO, World of Warcraft. Mrs. Stevens, cheerfully watching a self-made Veronica Mars marathon on Netflix, gave me one last warning not to become “one of those people” as I logged into my account. This is actually the latest entry in a trend I’ve noticed — since I started telling my friends I was giving WoW a try, it’s almost been like I was announcing that I was experimenting with cocaine. Everyone told me that I’d end up broke and addicted, wearing leather pants and growing a mullet. Well, I’m here to tell you that I’ve played the game for almost four hours now, and only three of those four things have happened so far."

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acronkyoung3648d ago

Funny series. I hope he survives the week.