Kinect vs Wii vs Move - Unbiased Price Comparison

No matter how you slice it the Wii has the more competitive pricing. But for someone who likes hardcore and casual games the 360 with Kinect makes a compelling proposition especially when 2 player multiplayer comes at no additional cost. The PS3 is undoubtedly the most fully featured but the price disparity between the other systems is huge.

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Omega43646d ago (Edited 3646d ago )

So Kinect is still best value for money, since it has everything in one, just like how the PS3 had the wifi, rechargeable battery etc and the 360 didn't.

Funny how things change.

What does Move have apart from games which work better with a standard controller and have motion tacked on?

You got that harry potter clone and what else? Remember you CAN'T be able to use a standard controller for it to be a Move exclusive game ;)

PirateThom3646d ago

Kinect still has no games though.

Johnny_Bravo3646d ago

How do you know? Kinect has 15+ launch games and only, what 4 of 5 have actually been announced?

I_find_it_funny3646d ago (Edited 3646d ago )

Kinect fails obviously, it's not going to have any REAL games unlike Move with games like Socom and Killzone and LBP and Heavy Rain and others.
And it's priced twice more than Move.

HolyOrangeCows3646d ago (Edited 3646d ago )

"Kinect has 15+ launch games and only, what 4 of 5 have actually been announced?"
What are you talking about? They've BEEN announced.

D4RkNIKON3646d ago (Edited 3646d ago )

Omega is trying to convince himself that his Kinect preorder is justified.

His argument is pointless, there will be games that give you the option to use move or not but there will be core games. Name one Core Kinect game that relies only on the motion device and no controller. Who cares?!?

I will be playing Killzone 3, Socom 4, Little Big Planet 2, GT5 and Ruse with my Move controller. What will you be playing on your Kinect again?

D4RkNIKON3646d ago

These Kinect games look like a page out of the wii shovelware book.

Aquanox3646d ago

Kinect has the best value for money and the best titles. It's the first to have a "casual" game to win E3 Critics Awards (Dance Central) and is definitely the only one with big 3rd party support. All others seem to rely almost entirely on first party productions.

Hallmark Moment3646d ago (Edited 3646d ago )

You PS3 fanboys are focusing on the wrong things. The price of these motion techs being close in price doesn't make Move magically as Appealing and popular as Kinect. Kinect is vastly more popular and appealing to the casual masses and gamers winning popular opinion by a huge margin. This price battle is a delusional factor PS3 fanboys are experiencing based on paranoid damage control. There will be massive Kinect and 360 shortages this holiday he'll Kinect pre-orders are already selling like hot cakes according to charts and my local game shop employees speaking for GS stores nationwide. Sh*t the 360S have shortages now.

skip2mylou3646d ago

lol at johnny look at the horrible launch games they re all fitness crap that i could do by myself at home with no equipment or at a gym

Legosz3646d ago

Kinect is stupid, move is stupid.

Dualshock 3 wins.

Ilikegames763646d ago

how the hardcore 360 fans are trying to justify the shovelwares which flopped on the wii and are now on the 360.

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GWAVE3646d ago

Kinect does not have "everything in one". Even the basic Wiimote - technology that is years old - is more accurate and versatile than Kinect. Kinect has so many limitations, not only with the sort of games it can play, but also player position, the number of players ($150 for two players?), lag, lighting conditions, and the amount of space between you and your TV.

RockmanII73646d ago

do you own the final build of Kinect?

hazeblaze3646d ago

I don't have a final build, but Kinect is playable at Macy's here in Atlanta. It is terribly laggy at this point and just not very compelling. The concept could probably be cool if a developer found a way to use it well... but definitely not worth it at this point.

RageAgainstTheMShine3645d ago (Edited 3645d ago )

What i like about PS Move:

PS Move also supports the biggest PS3 core games to come like Gran Turismo 5. SOCOM 4, Little Big Planet 2, Killzone 3, and more. So that is actually more value and bang for the buck!
The PS Move hits two birds in one stone!
Hardcore games and Casual games= all kinds of games

Also another big plus is Augmented Reality Games!

And many PS3 games only require a patch to be Move Playayble.

Now that's good value.

LordMarius3646d ago

Omega4 who you trying to convince us or you....

The real killer3646d ago (Edited 3646d ago )

More Value, hmmm

You can't compare between console and a camera.
Natal is no motion controle it's more cam controle.

The Wii mote and the Move are the true motion controles, becouse you need them for moving the controler and Natal has no controler, it's just a 1.5 eye toy with sensors can detect body in 3D, just add 3D and MS think they are the innovation of so-called motion controles.

hazeblaze3646d ago

You can try to spin it however you want... the fact of the matter is that Move has the more interesting game lineup, period. Socom 4, Resi5, Sorcery, Tiger Woods, and Sports Champions have all been reported to work wonderfully on Move... in NO preview have I read of it feeling 'tacked on'. Kinect's most lauded game is also going to have Move controls... so it just doesn't have any appeal to the core gamer right now. It doesn't have any exclusive experiences for us at all!

howjord3645d ago (Edited 3645d ago )

yeah you can play all those core games with MOVE, but what's the point??
If you have to stand up and use both hands, holding something and pressing buttons, why not sit down and use the regular controller!!?

and why did SONY make another motion controller?? whats wrong with the sixaxis?? why didnt they just make a big glowing ball that plugs in the top of the controller??

It would be wrong for microsoft to use just kinect to play core games, so it is going to create hybrid games that use both controller and kinect in some way.

Makes me laugh at that guy on the ps3 ad playing socom standing up, looking like he's really in the game, he's hardly moving at all. he may as well be sitting down.

GodHandDee3646d ago

I keep wondering why Omega isn't popular around here (in a positive way)

Very hard to understand indeed


vhero3646d ago

To play Kinect 4 player your gonna need a minimum 2xconsoles and 2xKinect cameras, 2xinternet and 2xXbox Gold.. Thats a LOT of money :(. To play the other 2 4 player well... You do the math. I play with my kids I have 3 of them so Kinect is a NO NO for me. We play 4 player Wii every weekend and love our bonding time. Something that's not possible on Kinect without spending a small fortune.

CaptainAmerica3646d ago

bonding time? LOLOLOLOLOLOL

Ace_Man_63646d ago

Wow, Omega4 really has no idea what he/she is talking about.

raztad3646d ago (Edited 3646d ago )

Sorry but unless some worthy games are announced Kinetic is $150 more expensive than it should. MS can fool the simple minded casual market to think they will have a cool experience with Kinect, but more informed core gamers should be a little more conscious about this.

Regarding MOVE, its price is ok for a single player experience. MOVE for two players it's no cheap at all, but you actually have a working piece of hardware on your hands + a camera, for roughly Kinetic price.

Garnett3646d ago

So your saying that MOVE have games made for it? So its gonna be another useless addon, like Eyetoy (flopped) and Sixaxis (nobody uses this LOL) and now MOVE.

Wait till Sony launches their own rip off of Kinect...

thebudgetgamer3646d ago (Edited 3646d ago )

that two launch kinect games will also be on the ps3.

raztad3646d ago

"Wait till Sony launches their own rip off of Kinect... "

You need some reality check buddy. Both Sony and Nintendo turned down Kinetic. Sony had already a failed camera called PSEye, so they are not wasting money in a very restricted way to interact with the console.

And FYI PSMOVE is already in some big third party titles like RUSE and some Golf games. I expect its usage to grow, the tech is very accurate and provides a 1:1 interaction with the console, perfect for core gaming.

jneul3646d ago

lol we already had kinect over 10 years ago it's called eyetoy

NYPunkster3646d ago (Edited 3646d ago )

That 360 bundle will come without the 250GB hard-drive so add the cost of a new propriety MS HD to the total.

The move is $80+ tax per player unlike the $150 for Kinect which only supports two players.

Many of the games you're already planning on buying will have Move support built-in. So you'll have plenty of games to play/choose from within the first year at no additional cost.

Where is the support from the big tittles/devs for Kinect? I have yet to hear of any major game developer make the claim that they're supporting Kinect. So you're stuck only playing those god aweful MS games?

Kinect is already a flop but MS is hoping you haven't realized this yet because they want you to cover their cost for R&D. Guarantee you that we won't be hearing anything about Kinect in the future.

TROLL EATER3646d ago

i thnk dere all overpriced. kinect especialy also move and wii motion costs a lot considering mulitplayer which its aimed at.

8thnightvolley3646d ago

hahaha man its funny how the ps3 fanboys are in denial... clearly the kinect i hate to say it but its of the best bang for ur buck.. one can complain saying Oh the kinect has no game.. e.g piratetorn... but see this is the first titles and have u seen waht wii did with its wii sport that is the highest selling game.. ever well MS wanna clearly do the same and once kinect gets into home watch how game will come pouring .. move surely will get its sweet surpport from sony and its first party studios.. but to say kinect is not cheap is abit silly.

stuna13646d ago

Now look at all the xbot bobbleheads trying to justify the price of kinects, Damn show some dignity! Oops I forgot fanboys don't have any.

Sheikh Yerbouti3646d ago

Wii's the better value for the money with a larger library of games. Didn't you read the article Omega?

As an existing owner of a PSEye, I can have two Moves and a sub-controller for $120...still cheaper than Kinect.

ABizzel13646d ago

First off the Kinect is only for 2 players. Wii and PS3 does 4 players.

Secondly you don't need the navigator for the PS3 since you can use a daul shock.

If you configure the totals for all consoles for 2 people (what the Kinect is capable of) then the numbers are as such:

Wii- $80 (2 Wiimotes), $120 (2 Wiimotes and 2 nunchuk)
Kinect- $150
Move- $100 (2 Move remotes), $140 (1 PS Eye, 2 Move remotes), $200 (PS Eye, 2 Move remotes, 2 navigation remotes)

And the benefit the Wii and PS3 has, is that Wiimotes and the PS Eye have been out long enough for you to find them on sale for less than standard retail.

So in the end Kinect is still omre expensive, and limits you to only 2 players. Not trying to bash Kinect, but let's be real.

absolutecarnage3645d ago

actually someone show me a link or a page of a game that shows 4 players for move, and no a golf game doesn't count because you usually just share the controller in the past if you were playing 4 player

spacetattoo3646d ago (Edited 3645d ago )

wow, remember when sony didn't copy wii and all the ps3 fans ripped all over the wii for it's motion controls. oh how the tide has turned, now you want hardcore games to have motion controls because sony did it. I see, just the same bull.

Me personally, I like kinect because it doesn't envolve itself in my hardcore games and when my girl wants to have fun, she can.

not only that but if you do want to incoperate kinect into hardcore games you can. Just keep your normal controller and add some perks that won't ruin the game. I feel that the normal controller keeps the hardcore, hardcore. Seems sony will have people dance and running around the room in a fps. I will just use my head for a headbutt or some sort of lil add on that makes the game come more alive. not change everything about it.

The games that are controller free are for casual and should be, same goes for move. do you really want your games to be motion controlled all the time? come on.....

The lil perks are what do it for me. when you maybe when you get close to a enemy grab him and choke him out, lil stuff. For the casual you can invite your friends over and just have fun, not, push this, push that, no you idiot, give me the controller. get it, do you get it or is this to much to understand that casual gaming is a big deal in the world today. hardcore only make up so much of the gaming community. If you don't believe me, go look at wii sales......................... ...............


You can still have four players. just alternate, what game really does 4 players and is still comfortable for swinging arms, jumping, kicking AND WHATEVER ELSE. you would be better off to alternate and if you don't want to pass back and forth your controller you need four controllers. so there goes your logic.. you can look at it from many different points of view, I get yours but I bet you can't get mine... classic n4g bloggers.

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mrv3213646d ago (Edited 3646d ago )

Why stop at 2 player? Oh that's right Natal doesn't do more. My mistake.

Why on the first PS3 Image bundle does it say $399-$449? You can use SIXAXIS as a Nav. So why add the $50?

And again on the second image it says $99-$150, SO WHAT COST $51, are they just adding the $51 for the sake of it because existing owner already have a sixaxis/dualshock SO they just need the bundle BTW.

And for 2 player you need to add $80 which makes it $179 MAX! Not $210.

Ok, let's say you bought a PS3, just for a moment it came with a sixaxis controller which can be used as a nav controller. Let's do the math once more.

Move bundle $99+EXTRA WAND$50+EXTRA NAV $30=$179

Some game allow you to install them to hard drive so can I add an OPTIONAL 250GIG upgrade to 360S? Or what? The optional bit is a tad unfair seeing as how far is too far, I won't buy 2 wands, just the bundle and that's it for me $99. I don't think you should count a 2 wand without accounting for a 3RD player.

hardknock3646d ago (Edited 3646d ago )

the $50 is for the Second Move wand. Some games use 2 Wands. But it's OPTIONAL so I mark it as such.

And the $210 is the Move bundle $99 + 2nd Wand $50 + subcontroller 1 $30 + subcontroller 2 $30 = $210.

@ SmokeyMcBear below

The point is $210 is the absolute MAX. The dualshock/sixaxis might be too uncomfortable to use for some people and they might buy a subcontroller instead.

SmokeyMcBear3646d ago

scratch the one subcontroller, because the dualshock/sixaxis can be used, and if for some reason this person wants to have two players gameplay, but doesnt have a second regular controller, then the subcontroller can be added on, to $179.

trounbyfire3646d ago (Edited 3646d ago )

and what games have we seen that uses two nav....NONE so if a game uses one nav you can use the DS3 or sixaxis

move bundle plus another move cost the same as kinect $150 and just like kinect you play 2 at a time you could do the same thing with move.
150 get you two moves, ps eye, game....take turns its that simple kinect has to take turns with more than two otherwise you would need two kinect so case CLOSED SAMN DAMN PRICE

watch this video

OH AND 4 GIGS IS A JOKE thats the music on my ps3

KingME3646d ago

How do you hold a DS while using it with Move?

oohWii3646d ago

Funny how no one wants to answer you question, that's because they don't know the answer. And they all plan on buying the sub controller as would anyone with half a brain.

Yardie3646d ago

I would assume that you hold the DualShock in your left hand (since you only need the left side of the controller), and the motion controller in your right hand.

Spenok3646d ago

Easy, they showed it with RE5. DS3 in your left hand, and the Move in your right hand. Its really not that hard.

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KionicWarlord2223646d ago

So both ps3 move and kinect are around the same price .

Only if you want to play with someone .

Odin7773646d ago

I'm not sure but i don't think you need two Move controllers for multiplayer games. I think you can still use the dualshock along with the motion controller.

KionicWarlord2223646d ago

Your right socom was using a navigator . So i guess if you have you use a dual shock for the navigator that would work fine .

But holding a navigator seems more natural .

Like this resident evil 5 move demo :

tiamat53646d ago (Edited 3646d ago )

Actually no release game especially the 2 and 4 player games needs a nav or DSC. So for now a basic 2 player package for the Move is 2 wands and a cam:$130 and a 4 player needs only a wand and a cam: $80.00.And for me who has basically everything: $50.00, not even the price of a ordinary game.You people need to go back to school to learn how to add. And lets not forget that Move games are $40.00 instead of $60.00 like the Kinect. Microsoft butt kissers always for get that.

Mahr3646d ago

"Actually no release game especially the 2 and 4 player games needs a nav or DSC."

Are we actually saying that this is a good thing?

-MD-3646d ago

Well that settles that.