PSM3 scores GRAW 2.

PSM3 scores GRAW 2,plus other reviews.

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The Wood5716d ago

is like she's a real person like SimOne. If you see her, chuck us a pm and ill be there real quick (europe only)

InMyOpinion5715d ago

Here is a real person that I think resembles her a lot.

The Wood5715d ago

dude your quick. we should set up a website, lol + thx shes hot

Robotz Rule5716d ago (Edited 5716d ago )

Is PSM3 the same magazine as PSM or a different one?


Lord Anubis5716d ago

PSM3 is from the UK, I believe

Charlie26885716d ago

WOW O.O beautiful cover :D I like redheads XD

Rythrine5716d ago

Yep. Lara Croft's reign is over. It's Nariko's turn now.

Marriot VP5716d ago

it still is a CARTOON, i really hope your not attracted to a virtual girl

eeeeks, how sad

Bolts5716d ago

That is dirt cheap for an AAA title. For example Everquest 2 cost roughly $75 mil to develop for the core game alone, thats without the expansions.

HeavyweightInTheGame5716d ago

Gears was developed for under 10 mil. Thats cheap.

LeonSKennedy4Life5715d ago

I'd say that's quite a bit. It costs [adultswim] 14 million to make ONE episode of Aqua Teen. I'm not kidding at all...

It was around 700 million for War of the Worlds, I think. Yeah, it bombed, but the special effects were incredible, right???

Snap, my rents got Godfather's!!! I love pizza!

Robotz Rule5716d ago

Thanks for the info!

Just checked it out on the web,and yes PSM3 is from the UK.

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The story is too old to be commented.