Valkyria Chronicles 2 Gearing Up August 31

The sequel to the cult hit Playstation 3 original now has a set release date for late next month.

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DORMIN3637d ago

God, I wish I had a PSP.

TotalPS3Fanboy3636d ago (Edited 3636d ago )

Those who wish and
Those who take actions to make that wish come true.


Looks like Sony is serious about getting PSP more support. All these great games coming to the PSP.

Eric Cartman3636d ago

This is a wrong move. PSP is on life support (thanks to the unwarranted negative press) and Sony is wasting resources and 3rd party support by their move. Just look at Peace Walker's sales. Ghost of Sparta won't do much better either.

They should stick to low-budget titles as it's proven that the majority of the handheld owners want games of that sort.

Valkyria Chronicles has a cult following on the PS3, why release the sequel on the PSP?

BTW, I think Sony's portable system is a superior product and I have 2 of them. Apparently, not everyone agrees.

T3h Kaiser3636d ago

Apparently they opted for a PSP release due to lower development costs.

The PSP may be floundering in the US, but it is hugely successful in Japan, where the original Valkyria Chronicles sold better anyway. That we got the sequel in America at all is a miracle.

The way SCEA has handled the PSP in the US is shameful, frankly, and it deserves to be doing as poorly as it has. The marketing is terrible and the retail prices are ridiculous.

raztad3636d ago

"Valkyria Chronicles has a cult following on the PS3"

That may be true.

"why release the sequel on the PSP?

Because that cult is not big enough to warrant a sucessful PS3 game. Lets face it game sold poorly at $60. It was after it dropped in price when it got some sales. But I guess they werent enough.

As Kaiser said. PSP means less dev costs and a large userbase in Japan. Thankfully SEGA wanted to bring the game western-side. I fell VC gameplay fits very well the PSP hardware.